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  • The divine difference between knowing and believing


    Emotional Intelligence

    Think you're smart? Do you think you get the crucial lottery? You think you're beautiful and a good person? And then , why can not you get what you want ?

    Currently, issues relating to mindThe thought and metaphysics, often speak of beliefs. It is said that what I believe strongly influences what I live. For example, if I think I am "ugly" , then it will send the message out there, and then others will see me ugly. If I think something will be difficult , so be it , and it cost me . If I believe , on the other hand, if passed under a ladder will bring me bad luck, then it is very likely to happen .

    Although beliefs have a powerful influence in our lives, it is necessary to highlight the large or infinite difference between believing and knowing .

    A belief is a guess. To believe means I have no certainty, And that somehow struggle, seek or expect something to be or behave in a way special. Namely, on the other hand, is convinced of knowledge.

    If I try to believe I'm smart , for example , then I can spend a long time trying to convince me of something that , deep down , maybe I'm not convinced. And no matter what I say and repeat, as is now fashionable to walk repeating positive affirmations , perhaps never fails to feel smart enough. Also, if I want to believe I'm smart , I can run the risk of feeling over something that , frankly, do not see me.

    On the other hand, if I, for one , I believe that life is beautiful, but just go out to the street and see mess , litter , traffic, people drinking soda and damaging their bodies , flies and other, Then perhaps what I think my attempt to generate something that I see is a strong tension because of my mind not admit that something is beautiful can not assimilate it as such. If I try to believe something that I see , you run the risk of starting to deny the reality as it is, and then suffer more trying to change my beliefs if I am simply believing what I see.

    This difficulty of insisting that we do not believe what has been an obstacle and a source of great confusion for all those who have been given the task of creating reality by changing their beliefs "negative"By some "positive.

    Without doubt, believing is not the same as knowing . Know means recognizing. Recognize me as someone intelligent does not mean I have to convince me of something that costs me . Already am . The qualities of each human being are being smart , beautiful, wise : divine. However, although it is, that does not make it manifest . My intelligence, beauty, Power and others may be hampered, among other things precisely because they do not open my eyes to reality to look at it objectively, and accept it as well , as stated .

    Yes I know I 'm smart , it means that I have the potential to be. Does not mean closing your eyes and repeat it until it magically becomes me. Quite the contrary, it means open your eyes and see that so much intelligence , beauty or divinity expressed in my reality. And then, then, fill me with knowledge so that it can express more than I already am .

    How will I know how much beauty expressed in my reality ? Yes, it's a good question, because I can fool thinking that I am beautiful , intelligent and wise , and think that everyone else is the stupid , ugly and not very wise. However, just watching those around us , we can see how much we have achieved divine wisdom or let our heart.

    See the other is like seeing ourselves . If we lose sight of this essential guide , we will lose the thread of all we want to create. Seeing is what I have to do, but do with objectivity. View and accept the reality that I have, is a way to see me and accept me the way I am . Accept is the first step in any creative process, if I refuse , if I deny the reality , nothing can change.

    And yet, and I accept , does not mean that I'm all that I accept. It means that this is what I have learned to express , but I can express infinite possibilities, just need to find the map in my heart of all that I can be.

    Remember , then, that and everything we want to be. We should not force us to believe something that we do not have to learn to see ourselves as what we already are and to follow the map of new knowledge so that these qualities can be awakened in us stronger . We are divine beings endowed with endless creative possibilities , we need only make it go to our reality, be all that we can be.

    In summary :

    Believe, is trying to be what I feel I am not.

    Saber, is recognized as a divine being is enhanced .

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