I have been asked or guided to post part of my daily practice with the intent and hope that it may serve either in its entirety or any portion thereof. If a particular affirmation resonates with you after having read it, take a moment to breath it in deeply with the intent it be rooted in your being.


I intend to awaken and remember all that I am now and have ever been and to walk through the veil into mastery.

I call forth the teacher, the sage, the shaman and all the other practical attributes that have been forgotten, that would assist me with purpose in the now, with the best interest of the whole intact.

I intend to live in joy, peace and light, teaching and calling forth all those of similar intent. That we be brought into unity consciousness and harmony because it is our choice, with love praise and gratitude as our constant guide.

This body is healing and cleansing itself of any and all toxic residue which no longer serves its purpose with grace and ease.,

I stand here now in physical form and embody the Divine that I am. I renew this intent every day and say yes to life again and again.

I am very grateful and give thanks to all Universal Light Workers for their constant support.

I can now hear, feel and see effortlessly.

The guidance I receive is in my best interest and that of the whole.

I let go of the past/future and open to the all inclusive Now.

With humility and gratitude as my sword, I step aside and let Source show me the way.

I surrender to the energy of the “One”. I see myself in the bigger picture serving all life equally with an open heart.

I am Divinely guided and protected and trust that I will receive what I need when I need it.

I receive all the financial aid I need with grace, ease, abundance and gratitude.

I keep myself focused on Truth and Love creating balance and harmony.

I hold an open space to receive and allow Divine expression to flow freely.

I see all relationships as gifts that expand my awareness and that encourage spiritual growth.

I unite with all life form and trust the movement of life.

In moments of doubt, fear, apprehension or anxiety, I STOP and reaffirm: I intend that the divine plan of the life that I am be revealed to me. I let go of the anxieties and fears that cause doubt or negativity. I release them into the light and I let go. I surrender I surrender I surrender.

I release any and all illusion and command that I remain centered in the crystal pillar that is fully active in my heart chakra.

I intend and choose to be happy and see beauty in all things.

Holy Mother/Father God, I would like to know if you have a message for me regarding _______________________ I am open to the highest message possible through me now please. Thank you.

"I wish to enter into these practices with an open heart and spirit, to explore and learn more deeply, about the nature of who I am, and my role, at this time, in this Universe. May I be a ready vessel to open to those possibilities for growth, deeper, and clearer understanding, which present themselves to me at this time, during this practice, and daily in my life. May I be an instrument to bring forward universal awareness, abundance, and peace, to others in my life. I invite in those beings and forces of Universal consciousness, whom can best assist me at this time, for my highest growth, awakening, and understanding. In a sacred way, I ask these things at this time. Thanks be to all aspects of Creation."

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Comment by RaK on March 6, 2010 at 4:07am
Beautiful, incredible how we are connected. I just opened a group yesterday for the same very reasons , to give as a resource tools to others here.

Wonderful, thank you so much for sharing!

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