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Fearlessness -    The over-riding, high level energies and directions for the year of 2013, which continues with wild, wild rides, is Fearlessness.  As the new energies expand upon this planet and take hold of the hearts and minds of more and more people while others continue to fight, resist and struggle to keep the status quo, what they believe is the way of the world, not Love or Peace – no, not that!!! There could be lots and lots of reason to fear.  Be smart, keep out of danger..but keep out of fear too.   The Shift is complete.  The energies will continue to flow through the Stargates and Portals that have been anchored and opened on this planet energetically changing everything!  Being Fearless, stalwart, stoic, patient and compassionate are all part of supporting the higher vibrational energies that are here and growing…read on…

We all know the year 2012 had lots of collective energy focused on  the End of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, the final days as foretold in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, doomsday scenarios, ascension scenarios, extraterrestrials finally appear in public view, the End of the World.  It was all was to happen at the end of 2012.  What most folks did not know and many still do not know is that The Shift, this huge evolutionary leap to cosmic consciousness, has happened and it is nothing to fear and it is everything to embrace.  It will be through this new consciousness that you will help begin to create a new and different world.  So, while many are still very fearful, many are still scared to death, many are confused, many watched but didn’t experience anything – there are countless numbers who had life altering experiences. My experience kept me in an altered state of consciousness for days upon days and I still am not articulating it at the time I am writing this Oracle –  It is deep and wide and expansive and powerful yet to be born.  Do you identify?

Many people have also been feeling the physical effects of these energies:   I’ve heard reports of ringing in the ears, mild headaches, sensations at the top of the head or back of the neck, ribs that hurt, heart palpitations, and the heart chakra making itself known, sleeplessness or needing more sleep that you normally need, fatigue and/or a feeling of vulnerability, or vitality and amazing creative ideas and productivity and knowing that things have changed, knowing that you have. These really are new times.  It is important to realize that not everyone knows this.  Many are suffering but have no idea of The Shift that has happened and think nothing is different but my oh my, it really is.  The community of like minded spiritual beings are joining together supporting the love energy that will move this Planet into its new iteration.  People are afraid, very afraid and the standard, the status quo thinking still pervades everything so for those who do not know everything has changed, those who have not allowed themselves to tap into the experiences that have brought them the opportunity to change their lives, it is up to those of us who do know, who have experienced The Shift and the subtle energies moving forward, to convey our confidence, to convey our fearlessness.  Remember, fear and courage are both sides of the same coin and it is now that we are to stay out of fear and keep only love – love, love, love and trust and  courage to support a fearless perspective which should be maintained through the entire year of 2013.

Within your fearless perspective, having closed the book on the old story of your life, this is the basis upon which you create your brand new story without the baggage and limitations of the past.  The bridges of our past are burned up, you are done with all that – it is only a mental construct in any event, so it is the way forward with fearless perseverance and fortitude with warrior like steadfastness – know you are fearlessly holding space for the beginning…as you are one of the ones defining through new thought how the new world encompasses the concept that sustains humanity, nature and our Planet and Solar System rather than continuing to “dominate” us, them and it…I truly do believe we all on this Planet can get along- yes I do, and I fearlessly know the world can and is changing…The Shift supports our fearless expansion of these new concepts.

There are many astrological energetic forces at play throughout 2013.   An astrological reading to review your Soul’s blueprint for your evolution in this lifetime may be a good idea; you may get some good information to help you on your path.  Know that in these times of transitions, or great change, it is important to be very careful about who and what you are following, unless you are following your very own internal guidance system, your own heart. Your very own astrology chart is very helpful in this regard.

The Shift of 2012 moved each and every one of us from student/seeker to master/teacher of our own reality. Remember, everyone is a sovereign being, doing and being just exactly what they are doing or being.   It is important to be Fearless without judgment, this year.  Egos with spiritual ambition or needing to validate their spiritual significance may confront you.  It is usually important to hear the information, determine its value to you and your life, but understand and know at the heart level that only you know what you need to know, what you need to do, who you need to be and why.  2013 begins the full on fearless expression of who you truly are:  self aware, authentic, a True One, being the change you want to see in the world, not being some else’s version of who you should be.  Throughout this SIX Year of 2013 you are to fearlessly get the many parts of your life together – your focus is running all parts of your life efficiently.  It is time to make adjustments, alignments and integrations this year – fearlessly, not necessarily comfortably, but fearlessly finish the integration of these new energies because 2014 is blowing in a whole new wind!

So, with eyes wide open this year, all year, fully alert, walk without Fear every step of the way, at every twist of the road and every turn of events!  Know you are in the right time and the right place!    Your attention on Fearlessly aligning and adjusting your life into a more efficient experience will provide you with a deeper perspective from which to exercise the expression of yourself – bigger and bigger, ever more expansive.  Moving Fearlessly will truly ground you further within the bonds of Divine Love that hold it all together all the time no matter what and so remember…All You Need Is Love…it will truly sustain you on your journey through 2013.

Let your mantra for 2013 be:  I AM fearlessly stepping into my greatness, one step at a time…And So It Is!!!  

Love from the Lotus World <333,


Note:  Darity Wesley is the Founder and Chief Spiritual Revivalist at ReviveYourSpirit™ based in San Diego, California. You can contact her at Darity@ReviveYourSpirit.org. You can follow her on Twitter@SpiritReviver. If you wish to subscribe to Darity’s ~The Daily Oracle~™, just send an email to Darity@ReviveYourSpirit.org, simply put “Subscribe” in the subject line. To learn more about Darity see her Bio page here on OM-Times Magazine If you are on Facebook, help promote Darity by clicking the “Like” button at www.Facebook.com/DarityWesley © 2012-2013 Darity Wesley All Rights Reserved. 

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