Daydreams, we all have them. Throughout our waking day our minds wander the landscape of possibilities. We daydream about glorious escapes to faraway places. We imagine frightening outcomes to real-world situations currently affecting our lives. We think about winning the lottery and see all the following excitement with the media.

It is true that our minds rarely give us a rest. It does not seem to matter what we are doing, if that activity fails to require our full attention, we are daydreaming. In the middle of driving the car or riding the bicycle, we still daydream. I suspect this “automatic piloting” has caused more than one accident.
I believe that learning to control our daydreams can be of great benefit. Corrected daydreaming can do much more than prevent accidents! Why is this so?

Think of this: YOUR DAYDREAM CARRIES POTENT CREATIVE ENERGY! As you repeat a particular daydream over and over again, you are sending that energy directly to your subconscious which always obeys.

Your subconscious does not question whether your daydream is good or bad. It simply sets about to bring your feelings and your ideas to life! Considering the content of your personal daydreams, you can readily believe that this manifested scenario is sometimes a very good thing and sometimes the worst of things.

If you will take responsibility for the content of your daydreams, you will put yourself in charge of more positive outcomes. You no longer will allow yourself the luxury of imagining the worst, those wakeful “nightmares,” but instead will begin envisioning only the happiest and most fruitful pictures. You will begin to see outcomes that are of real benefit to yourself and any others who may be involved.

After all, you are creating your life one minute at a time! Just as your repeated spoken or written words will create after their kind, so your repeated daydreams will bring the effects of mind and imagination to you and your experience. Remember: when any particular daydream carries strong emotion, it becomes even more likely to manifest and appear in your life.

Each time you become aware that you are in the midst of a daydream, ask yourself if this particular experience is what you truly desire. If it is what you can enjoy and appreciate, by all means add more energy to it. If it would only bring pain and unhappiness to you, make a change immediately!

YOU ARE IN CONTROL! You are in charge of your every thought and feeling if you will decide to take the reins! Seeing only happy outcomes may seem like fabrication or lies at first but it is the very best kind of programming. It is up to you to become a joyous programmer of your own life and experience.

If you are looking to make changes in your life or if you would appreciate some additional progress with your spiritual growth, call me for a psychic consultation. I can help you by accessing your guides and teachers to answer any of your questions.

If you have any unresolved issues with loved ones who have passed, I am able to contact their spirits for you. You will be given a complete recording of your session with me for your later review. All appointments are completely confidential.

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