MY COMMITMENT TO A LIFE "IN SERVICE TO OTHERS" IS SPIRALING out of control. I'm up at 4:30/5:00 each day and by 7am after 2+ hours on-line I'm thinking "What should I do first/last-and what might I be able to get done/ or not be able to get done, and ...(the big one)...who will that effect" !.
If I could just command the ability to walk swiftly down a wet hill, and not end up on my backside, I'll have it made, by golly!!

My heart is filled with the momentum we are all making in bettering our lives, pulling it together, and working as a team. Yet simaltaniously I feel like there is just sooooo much moooooore I need to be working on. I feel like a have a 40-60 hour a week job-yet my only contribute to the household is what I get paid for babysitting two days a week. Everything else is "Labor Of Love".

SERVICE TO OTHERS can become all-consuming for some, addictive for others, and for a free spirit like myself (someone who doesn't live by a schedule book and a calander, nor wear a watch-not to mention I don't want to own a cell phone) It's a downright hat trick.

I have always been helpful to others, yet in 2000 I read a book written by Bruce Wilkenson called The Prayer Of Jabez.

Jabez prayed to God, ..."enlarge my territory"...(full scripture is.. 1 Chronicle 4:10). Mr. Wilkensons' book talks about ..(paraphrase) No matter how busy you are, you still have time to lend a hand, help someone out, take on the burdens of others.

My point is ...I guess that my shoulders felt heavy this morning, and I am so blessed to have you all to "talk things out with". Thank You. I hope by living an "Open Book" kind of life I can lead by example, yet don't follow too closely as I am also here to admit when I'm overwelmed.

I wouldn't be able to eliminate one dear soul from my life at this time, I simply ask spirit (and you all) to help me find that "right pace", fast enough to be efficient-slow enough to nuture "BEING IN THE MOMENT" with each of the wonderful people who have come into my life on this path.

Service to Others is a commitment/ a lifestyle you don't step away from once you've involved yourself in the lives of others. It's an Honor.

Much Love to you all here at Humanity Healing, I need you all,
a weiry Kimmie

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