"Discover how to speed up your awakening, why connecting with your higher self is required for resolving life's challenges and creating a life you love, and why it's how to prepare for 2012"

Dear friend,

After eons of struggle, "learning through contrast," and living in the "dark age" (the dark part of a long cycle that's about to end), humanity is ready for real change. For light and joy. For a Great New Cycle, the "Golden Age." However, this will not happen automatically. It will require that you as an individual change your life direction by consciously connecting and integrating with the spiritual part of you--your higher self. (The deep part of you that's incapable of being conditioned or fooled, that knows how to play your role to a successful outcome--for yourself, your family, and the collective.)

Let's face it, after thousands of years of ingrained patterns, beliefs, and behaviors, it will take more than just meditation, intention, and visualization to "graduate" from this realm. It will take everything you've got, including connecting with and applying the deepest wisdom your higher self is carrying from many, many lifetimes.

In fact, your higher self planned this time to be challenging. It's as though it's final exam time on Earth now, just before you "graduate from this realm." The thing to realize is, your higher self doesn't care too much about your temporary discomfort or complaints, but about your spiritual growth. Your higher self cares about your happiness in the long term. And since we're in the midst of the "Great Shift of the Ages," what you do now is critical. What you do now determines how quickly you awaken and ascend your consciousness, and how quickly you experience the light, happiness and joy.

Connecting and integrating (aligning) with your higher self is not something anyone can do for you, by the way. You must activate your ascension by taking some simple, but necessary, steps; you must get the ball rolling. 

Right now, many people are waiting for something to happen in their life and in the world. They want the positive changes to come--finally. But...many don't realize that for positive changes to occur in your life, it is youthat must get the ball rolling...by following through with your higher self's guidance.

Experiencing the current challenges and the resultant growth are what your higher self always wanted: After this, you could rightfully consider yourself to be the master of your life, an evolved human being ready to create--and deeply appreciate--the Golden Age. By then, you will have discovered True Love. Connecting and integrating with your higher self is the key, and it's how to prepare for 2012.

How to Prepare for 2012

Reconnecting and integrating with your higher self is the most important key to navigating the year 2012 and beyond with confidence and clarity, including the key to understanding the Divine Plan--what this is all about, and why.

Connecting with your higher self activates the shift in consciousness essential to resolving your life's challenges, for clearing karma as quickly and easily as possible, and for creating a life you love (your personal "Golden Age"). The outer 2012 phenomena, including any planetary and galactic alignments, are metaphors for an alignment that must occur within you first.  It is time to prepare for 2012 and to fully awaken to the incredible opportunities available to you now--if you could only get the ball rolling!

Why is connecting with your higher self important? Because your higher self is the source of:

  • Higher Conciousness--critical to your awakening, ascension, personal transformation and success.
  • Your Higher Life Purpose, including your Unique Gifts--the unique contribution you must fulfill that will bring you abundance.
  • Your Blueprint for Success--your higher self's plan is perfectly aligned with Divine Plan. Understandingthe Divine Plan reduces your major fears, instantly, allowing you to make progress as quickly as possible.
  • A potential for success that's unprecedented 

But you say you've already been meditating, intending and visualizing...So, how's that been working out for you?

My guess is...not well at all. And that's because there are further steps involved that no one talks about, steps that are extremely hard to take if you don't understand the bigger picture involved. I discovered this years ago, but we'll get to my story a bit later on this page...

Anyway...I have been reading channeled messages (from the Galactic Federation, from various higher beings) for years now, and they still repeat the same message--even after 11/11/11--that the "events that will bring the beginnings of the changes" that humanity so desires are... coming. And people wait for these changes to happen...and wait, and wait. know that people are in a holding pattern, waiting for something to happen for them.

The channeled messages usually then encourage those who are incarnate on this planet to make things happen. "We're waiting for you," the higher beings say. "We can only help you if you take the first steps." (The steps that...right now...you're pretty much too scared to take. Or worse, you have no idea what they are, even.)

2012: A Major Crossroads

We are currently at a "crossroads" in our personal lives as well as on a global level. If you are experiencing a crisis right now, begin looking at your crisis as your higher self's way of making sure you seek, discover and use your higher self's wisdom and power before you leave this planet. Experiencing a personal crisis right now ensures that you participate in the larger planetary transformation. (And I can assure you that you won't find the answers to your problems in the collective conditioning, or in what is common practice today.) 

You can learn to tap into your higher self and move through any challenges with confidence and clarity. This is what the Mayan calendar December 2012 end date, the galactic alignment is showing us (the alignment is real, and the astronomy I use comes from university astronomy institutes).  I explain exactly why we are at a major crossroads in my ebook, Activating 2012: A Practical Guide for Navigating 2012 with Confidence and Clarity.  I also explain in simple, concrete language with real-life examples what you must do to activate your awakening and ascension. You will understand the important concepts even if you were never good in science, or meditation.

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Comment by Diadrj Calia on June 30, 2012 at 12:40pm

Indeed David, hope so...let's always start from ourselves...

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