There are five options for divining with dominoes. The first is focused on how to handle a situation or person by choosing one domino out of a pile or a bowl. This domino will give you the simple answer you need. The second form is to choose two dominoes. The first tells you what the situation is really about versus what you think it is about, and the second is how to handle the situation. There are three domino layouts that can be used. They are shown and explained in the following diagrams. The book is set up to be used with a double six, double nine, or double twelve set of dominoes. Any of the sets will give you a good reading, the larger the set the more detail in the reading. Look up the dominoes with the smaller number first. The book is set up starting with the double blank and ending with the double twelve.

Do's and Don'ts of Divination with Dice and Dominoes

Do be sure you are choosing who you want to give you the answers to your divination. It can be your personal Spirit Guide, Higher Self, Angelic Devas, Guardian Angel, Space Brother, Archangel, Ascended Master or even the Earth Mother.

Do ask why and what. Think of the situation as a whole rather than thinking of the small details. For example if you are wondering about relocating, don't ask should I relocate, or should I remain where I am. Ask the Spirits to speak to you on the issue of relocating and allow them to give you the appropriate information you need to decide whether relocating is the right choice for you.

Do ask when, but only with the dice method that is set up specifically to answer the question of when.

Do go ahead and ask who if you desire, but keep in mind that this set of divination is not set up to answer who and only about 50% of the time will you receive an appropriate answer.

Don't ask how. How questions can not be satisfactorily answered with this form of divination. This is set up to assist you in placing your energies in the direction needed to achieve your desires, as long as they are in alignment with the whole. How things come about changes rapidly and unexpectedly. Often times how questions will relate to dealing with another person and their actions. It is not the right of one person to change another therefore, a how question of this nature would not be appropriate.

Don't ask how much, with herbs for example, this is the decision of the person taking the herb and must be decided in the physical or with Higher Self.

Domino Spreads

layout1.gif (3449 bytes) layout2.gif (8521 bytes) layout3.gif (6020 bytes)
Layout Number 1 Layout Number 2 Layout Number 3


Blank / Blank
This is a time of openness. New energies are coming into your being from the great void of the universe. Allow yourself to receive these energies. They will lead you in a new direction that will bring you possibilities far greater than you have dared to dream.
Blank / One
A vision has begun to take focus in the physical world. This is a time to be very mindful of the vision's expansion. Consciously participate in the unfolding of the next step to ensure it is what you truly desire
Blank / Two
There is a time period ahead that will bring the opportunity for many new partnerships. This domino represents new friendships, however, it's primary message is that a true life mate is on the horizon. Open your heart to this energy.
Blank / Three
From the void you are being offered the chance for a deep integration of the whole self. Body, Mind, Soul is one perspective. Greater still is Soul, Spirit (Higher Self) and God the Father. Take this opportunity now. It could be a long time before it returns.
Blank / Four
You are embarking upon a time of balance. This will be a remarkable new thing. All the balance of aspects that you have desired are being offered to you. If you think you are already in a good state of balance, you are in for a pleasant surprise.
Blank / Five
This is a time for family. It is the perfect opportunity to start a family if you have yet to do so. This domino says that the children will be happy and all will be provided for. It also marks a good time for reuniting with family members you have been separated from.
Blank / Six
This is the time for expansion. The universe is providing a place for your growth on every level. This is especially strong within the physical world at this time. Good fortune will come to you with whatever endeavor you decide to place forth into physical manifestation.
Blank / Seven
Open your heart to a greater spiritual perspective. There is new knowledge coming to you that will resolve old conflicts within you. Breath deeply of the life force that surrounds you. There is time enough to do all the things that you need to do. Allow Spirit more time to interact in your daily life, what they have to offer is of great benefit.
Blank / Eight
Opportunities are coming to you to see the reflections of your lessons in another. At times this is unpleasant, however, it is a chance for you to evaluate what you do or do not wish to express in this life. Look at this situation with emotional detachment. Observe what this has to tell you about your self, and then make your choices.
Blank / Nine
A door for a particular opportunity is about to close. Are you sure that this is an opportunity that you want to pass up? Think carefully and make the choice on a conscious level. Do not make the choice by not choosing! It is imperative that you are fully aware of this opportunity, and why you may or may not choose to take it.
Blank / Ten
You have come full circle on a particular issue in your life. An opportunity that you thought had long passed is being presented once again. You have worked hard for the right to have this second chance. Move forward without questioning. This is a reward, a gift from your Spirit. Say yes, and don't ever think twice.
Blank / Eleven
A path is presenting itself to you now that is fresh and new. It is different than you have ever tread before. You must decide whether you feel prepared to take it. This path will require a commitment of body, mind and Soul. Your life must be given fully to this endeavor. Are you willing? Ponder the choice, but do not linger, this path will not wait for long.
Blank / Twelve
Adorn self in the glorious light of the Creator. The healing force that is within all life is being made available to you at this time. Use this force for the healing of self on all levels and begin to share it with others who desire the assistance. This is not a gift of Spirit, but the flow of all. It can not be bought or sold. If a price is put to this flow the flow will stop. Use it wisely and with love.
One / One
This is the perfect synchronicity of two beings working together toward one cause. There is no stopping the focused vision of the one / one. If this relates to something you are now working on or wish to begin, proceed without hesitation. If this relates to other people in your life and how you are interacting in their manifestation, charge past or get out of the way! You can not fight the one / one.
One / Two
The two become one with this domino. It is a time of integration with Higher Self. Of understanding the nature of your true being and what you are on the planet to do. Knowledge is coming to you about your past incarnations. Use this to further your integration.
One / Three
This combination is an opening of the psychic gifts that are available to you from Higher Self. Knowing is a gift directly from your God self. Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling) and Clairvoyance (seeing) are all available to all of God's children. Seek the one that feels the most comfortable for now. Your gifts and their strengths will make themselves known to you.
One / Four
This brings forth the divine nature of balance that exists within all the creations of the heavens and the Earth. The need for balance is great and the process can bring about great turbulence within you. Know that these painful challenges are beneficial and are a healing force. All is well, ride out the storm.
One / Five
This brings out the responsibility of one for the many. It is a time of relief from the pressures that this responsibility has placed upon you. There is another who can share the load, so to speak. When assistance is offered gratefully accept. You can not continue as you have been.
One / Six
It is time for completion of projects. Many have been put off for a very long time in hopes that someone else would do them. They are your projects to do and it is time to do them. Many new energies will open up and give you a more joyous outlook when they are complete.
One / Seven
Have you made room for Spirit to enter your life? Perhaps you have been busy attending to the details of your life and have forgotten to invite Godself to participate in the more mundane aspects of life. Your wisdom is great and will be offered greater expression and more joy if you integrate it fully into all aspects of your life.
One / Eight
Attend to all the details of life. There are many new energies that are ready to develop into physical expression. Put your current energies into bringing all the aspects of your life into one focus. Having this focus will allow room for the new projects to take form. Anything you make room for at this time will be successful.
One / Nine
Have you been dragging your feet and procrastinating about something in the last few weeks? Your Spirit says to get on with it already. You have the needed information and you know that to do. Just do it. You don't need permission to honor self and what self knows is right.
One / Ten
Return your attention to the needs of self for a period of time. This is not being selfish, but allowing time to get to know self better. You have completed a phase in life and are embarking upon the next. This is a time you need to be with self and receive the needed clarity to continue with the work ahead.
One / Eleven
This is a time to think about mastery. You have been working toward a goal for a long time now and perhaps you don't even recognize the mastery that you have developed in the process. Allow yourself to see this through the eyes of another who does recognize this aspect of you and give yourself a break, you deserve it.
One / Twelve
Are there things you have yet to try or do that you have been thinking about for a long time? This is a good time to open your heart to a new expression. It is a time for learning something simply for the joy of learning. It can be anything that you desire as long as it is joyous in nature. All your Spirit allies support you in this journey.
Two / Two
This domino represents a time of coming together in pairs. These pairs could be mates, however, this is also the domino of twin and multiple births. It represents a bond that is beyond the physical world, and beyond any limitations of mortal thought. It can also manifest in one's relationship to the Creator, but this is not it's primary focus.
Two / Three
This domino represents challenges to the workings of your physical life. It is work, whatever your work is to you, whether it be housework or a business makes no difference. It shows a need to bring order into your work space. It shows a confusion of intent that allows random energies to come forth. Center yourself and determine a clear intent and plan. Place this plan into action and the issues will resolve themselves.
Two / Four
This domino is about exponential growth. This growth level is available to you now, in this moment. Do not let opportunities pass you by. Seek to learn all that comes to you. If something comes to you that you feel is not true then you simply have a deeper understanding of truth. Learn everything and make your own discernments.
Two / Five
This is a time of work in the dream state. It is time to stop denying what you have been told in the dream state. Keep track of your dreams and attempt to interpret them. They offer you valuable knowledge for which you have asked. In this time period you may ask that a problem in the physical be given a resolution in dream state. Your Spirit allies are always there to assist you.
Two / Six
Reach higher and look deeper within. You have only glimpsed the possibilities and scratched at the surface of your personal potential. This domino is about true power, given unto all men by God. This is not the power of one person's desire to control others, or the power of authority figures. It is the power of creation, and the Godness that is at the core of every being, no matter the negativity of the expression.
Two / Seven
Take time to visualize what you want your life to be. This is a positive reinforcement of your thought process. It is a powerful force that will override any negative thoughts or fears that come into your consciousness, if practiced on a regular basis. Vision is a creation process that also assists in bringing clarity and opening new doors of possibility.
Two / Eight
Envelop self in a cocoon of light. there are people who wish for you to be unsuccessful on your Spiritual path. Perhaps they are not even conscious of the energies they are placing into the universe through emotions such as envy. Be sure to be aware of the emotions of others. With awareness you then empower self and those emotions will have no affect on you.
Two / Nine
Try to find time to assess a certain relationship in your life. Is it in your best and highest good to continue with this relationship? Can a few simple changes made by both people involved make this relationship more harmonious? Are you in expectation of how the other person should be living? Think carefully and look at both perspectives.
Two / Ten
What are you attempting to accomplish by beating yourself up about this issue? It is over and it is gone. The other person has long forgotten and forgiven the interaction between you. Let go of the guilt and give yourself credit for the growth that ensued from this interaction. It has served you and you are a better person because of it.
Two / Eleven
Will you choose to look at this from the mortal perspective, or will you rise above it and see it from the perspective of the Godself? You do have choice in this matter. If you want to experience the drama, that is certainly your right. Do you want to?
Two / Twelve
This domino represents the family dynamic. Parents, grandparents and especially siblings. Who you are verses who your family perceives you to be. There may be members of your family who will never know you truly. Be true to self and allow them to think what they will. The other side of this domino is asking you, are you perceiving a family member in his or her true light?
Three / Three
This is the domino of clear thought. If you have felt clouded about an issue what you need to know is being made available to you. If there is a decision that needs to be made this is a clear sign that the time is at hand to make it. The path will be obvious. You may receive the knowing with such absolute clarity that you find yourself wondering how you could have ever been clouded.
Three / Four
This is the time to carry on with the spiritual work that has been put on the back burner while you have been taking care of the physical world aspects of your life. The world is in need of your teachings and life experience. There is much to be gained in your growth by sharing the path. If you have been wavering over the reactions that others may have to the new expression then it is time to break the chains to these people.
Three / Five
Anger is being held back in an effort to protect someone from the depth of your feeling. Your intent not to harm another is good, but is it at your own expense? You can not hold in this kind of anger with out causing disease. Seek a way to heal and release this anger. If you could be violent in the release, seek out help before confrontation. Spirit is always available to help you with your healings.
Three / Six
Delve deeply into the emotions that you are experiencing. The natural inclination is to want to analyze the situation in a mental mode. Your emotions hold the answer that you are seeking. How do you feel in the situation, with the person, or when you visualize the situation? How does your body feel?
Three / Seven
Why are you trying to blame someone else for your current state of mind or emotions. It is time to take on some self responsibility. No one can make you feel a certain way. You are choosing to react to them in a certain way. Be mindful of these interactions. Make another choice, you'll be amazed at the shift in energy.
Three / Eight
You can not take upon yourself the responsibility for someone else's life. They must make there own choices, walk their own path. It is difficult to watch while someone flounders, in your perspective, however, they have a plan of their own which you are not privy to. Send thoughts of love and allow Spirit to take the burden from you.
Three / Nine
You do not need to justify your worthiness by making yourself indispensable. If another person can survive just fine without you it does not mean that you offered nothing to them, or that they received nothing from you. All it means is that the others person is self reliant and this is good. You are worthy! You do not have to set up situations where you feel you are needed.
Three / Ten
At times you will find that you have all the strength in the world and other times you are tired and weary. This is normal in the processing of your lessons and finding your truth. Do not spend time worrying about these phases. Allow yourself to be with others whose phases will compliment yours. They will offer you strength when you need it and vice versa.
Three / Eleven
Try to spend more time in meditative state in the next few weeks in relation to this issue. There is more than one perspective and many different choices you can make. Take the time to be with your feelings. There is no rush to make a choice on this matter.
Three / Twelve
Redemption is what you are seeking, but this can only come to you from Godself. No amount of approval from others will offer you that which you desire. It is time to face this within place where you will find, that redemption is now, and has always been yours.
Four / Four
This domino shows the influences coming to you from every direction. You can not live life or make decisions based on the opinions and attitudes of all these other people. Among them they can not even agree upon what you should do. You must turn only to your true self, the Godself within for the answer that you seek. Tell these other people you have heard all the opinions you care to hear.
Four / Five
Think not once, but at least twice about what you are about to do, and the implications of that action. At this time there is a reckless influence on your life that is affecting your ability to discern. The outcome of actions must be considered before acting if the people of Earth are to form a harmonious future. You are not on this Earth alone and every choice you make affects many other beings.
Four / Six
What you put out into the universe returns unto you with the intent that you put it out with. It is impossible to put out thoughts of harming another without harming the self. It is also not possible to put out thoughts of harmony and unity without bringing harmony and unity back to the self. The way is clear. Monitor your thoughts, you have given the mind too much power to create for you in your life.
Four / Seven
Direct your energies toward a new harmony among the people that you are involved with. Often times one person who is processing can make a comment that leads all the rest into petty irritations. Choose not to take things so personally. Let go and accept that each person is working on self at the level they are at.
Four / Eight
have you been seeing a person you know in their highest light? It is possible that you have been making too many assumptions about this person with little to no facts. It is easy to see the issues an individual is working on. It is also easy to see their true light and the love in their heart. All you need is a change in perspective. See the best and let go of the rest.
Four / Nine
Alchemy is this domino. The perfect combining of many parts into a divine union. It doesn't matter whether the union is emotional, mental, Spiritual, or physical. Only that this union is ordained and blessed.
Four / Ten
Return yourself to the perspective of the four directions. You are ready now, not to continue to work on each one individually, but to sit in the center and allow them all to merge into a single path to greater Spiritual enlightenment. This is a time of great sacredness in your life. Honor this new found unity within you.
Four / Eleven
Information is coming to you now in relation to past life influences that are affecting the current circumstances in this life. Allow this information to flow into and through you. Observe it and allow it to be your teacher. As you allow this information to come, it will flow out of you and take with it thought forms that no longer serve you.
Four / Twelve
You are on the verge of a major life triumph. Be mindful of your actions and thoughts. There are parts of self that would still like to sabotage this great accomplishment. You are fully capable of mastering these parts of self. Allow your true being to be empowered and own your triumph!
Five / Five
This is the domino of discovery, a time of new awareness. It is the domino that represents inventions and new technologies. When it comes, you are to offer the world something new. Sometimes it is directly, other times it is through offering yourself to the next generation and allowing them to bring the energy into physical manifestation. Be ready to look at some aspects of the world from a new perspective, then act!
Five / Six
This is the domino of deliverance, of receiving. This is the time to open your arms to all that you have been working to manifest. If a couple has been trying to conceive a child, this domino marks the time of fertility. This is the relief that has been sought from hardships and difficulties. You have honored the sacred path and all that you have desired in truth is coming to you.
Five / Seven
This is a time to define what family is to you. Your birth family may not be a part of what you wish to create for yourself in the way of family. Your true family is Spirit, and your Soul Mates are stating to gather. Members of your birth family may come with you and are part of your true family. This is your choice, you may choose to surround yourself with whomever you desire and owe no one an explanation for your choice.
Five / Eight
Deliver yourself into the hands of the higher power. Your resistance to the energies that are available to you does not serve you. You are not being led in a direction you do not wish to go. On the contrary, this is the very path you have been praying for. Embrace it!
Five / Nine
At last you have come to the knowing that what you have been doing no longer works for you! Spirit is celebrating this new awareness. When the old ways no longer work it is time to cultivate new ways of relating to the world. Both the Spirit world and the physical world are ready for you to spread your wings and take flight.
Five / Ten
Dare to take the next step. Your integrity has been tested and you are ready to take on a greater responsibility in the world. Think big. Allow the planet to reach out to you and show you how she needs you to serve humanity.
Five / Eleven
It is time to integrate your family life and your Spiritual life. Too many aspects of life and the people that you share it with have been left out of your Spiritual pursuits. Perhaps while you have been busy with your search you have forgotten to include your children in the knowledge.
Five / Twelve
Plan, plan and plan some more. The project you desire to undertake at this time will grow far beyond what you think. Put plans in motion now. If you go into this project unprepared you will have difficulty catching up with all that needs to be done. Don't create a stressful future situation for yourself, plan now.
Six / Six
Here you have the completion of an issue that has been long and difficult. It is time that it can all be let go of. This may entail letting go of a residence, a job, a marriage, or people that are in your life. The time is at hand to move on to the next step on the sacred path. The doors are all open for you and the hand of spirit is here to lift you up.
Six / Seven
A dream that you have held onto for a long time is ready to be let go of. Your Spirit has a higher plan for you and the dream you have been holding onto is limited. Do not grieve this dream, know that you are moving onto a better place where you will see that this dream was not in your best and highest good.
Six / Eight
Try to remember a time of simplicity in your life. You need to recapture this feeling and allow it to unfold into your current circumstances. Your life is truly not as complex as it appears to be. You are only thinking about it in a complex way. Free yourself from these thoughts and enjoy the simplest of things.
Six / Nine
This is the time to bring all the old conflicts to an end. They no longer serve you. You have grown beyond them and now they are simply a burden that you drag around with you.
Six / Ten
What would occur if you removed yourself completely from this situation? Is there a true purpose to your being in the middle of this? Perhaps removing yourself from this situation would give you peace and balance. This is not a situation where you are needed to defend or protect. Let go and send love.
Six / Eleven
There are truly two choices to this situation. Do it or don't do it. It isn't as complex as you wish to believe it is. Make your choice and don't feel guilty about it. If other people have expectations of what you should do or choose to make a judgement on your choice that is simply a reflection of their current state of mind. Don't give it any power.
Six / Twelve
Listen carefully to what is being said. You have been busy in the thinking mode and have not been clear in hearing the wisdom that others are offering so freely to you. When you listen with respect you can learn far more than when you are trying to dispute someone within your mind before they have even completed what they have to say.
Seven / Seven
Within all beings is the desire to connect completely with the Creator. This is a natural state of humanity. It is within this desire that confusion comes into consciousness on the issue of mates. Is your desire to share your life, or to connect with your Godself? This domino says that connection with Godself is essential to a true mate relationship. Go within and find the places you feel empty, fill them with the love of creation.
Seven / Eight
Sense the power within you. It is strong and growing exponentially. You have put your true God power into action and now you will see the results of this power in the manifestation of all that you have truly desired.
Seven/ Nine
This has been a difficult time and you have been blessed to have an angel on your shoulder to assist you through it. It is time to take upon you an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks for all the assistance you are given from Spirit and from those kind Souls upon the Earth.
Seven / Ten
you have completed a Spiritual cycle of growth. Take a breather and give yourself a retreat. You can let go of your responsibilities for a weekend or even longer. Life will manage without your able assistance for a short time. You deserve this and it is time you allowed yourself this reward.
Seven / Eleven
It is time to let go of those aspects of your life that are simply conveniences, but are not in your best and highest good. Have you been looking for a quick fix to a current life situation? Know that sometimes it is worth the extra time and effort to do something in a natural way or in a more remote setting.
Seven / Twelve
You have reached a stage in your growth where you are ready to move on to a new location. The place where you are currently causes too much restriction for your level of awareness. This new location could be as simple as a different house, however, it could be time for a complete change as well. The extent of the change must be determined by you.
Eight / Eight
This is the domino of abundance! Have you been in lack in the recent years, months or weeks? This spells relief! Allow the flow to come in. Don't forget to be grateful, and to share your blessing with those who have supported you during your lack.
Eight / Nine
Material world lessons that you have been working on for a long time are coming to an end now. You have come to a strong understanding of the workings of the world and are ready to devote your energies to a new direction.
Eight / Ten
Your work, what ever that means to you is coming upon a time of great change. It may be a different form of the same work, but it is more likely a complete change in the type of work that you do. This change will be in greater alignment with the desires of your Soul.
Eight / Eleven
The Spiritual work that is your true desire is at risk because of issues regarding lack and abundance. Step away from this issue and know that the Creator provides for all his children when they are doing his work. Have you been afraid to trust in his ability to do this? Think carefully about the energy that is being put out. Is it what you would want to put out?
Eight / Twelve
Plant seeds of growth. This is a time of fertility in any area that you need it. It is a time to honor your oneness and the power that comes to you from your Godself. Be careful of which seeds you plant, because whatever they are they will grow!
Nine / Nine
The levels are starting to peel away one at a time. When you feel you have completed an issue it comes up again. It is not that you have not learned the lesson. It is that you have reached a deeper level where the issue resides. Know that this is the natural process of your growth and the issues will leave you quickly.
Nine / Ten
Go back to square one on a particular thought or idea and start again. The idea was not received in wholeness. Set aside preconceived notions of what it should be and allow yourself to be inspired.
Nine / Eleven
There have been paths that you have taken in your Spiritual growth that you have outgrown the need for. Cut away the dead wood. Many of these systems of learning now limit your true potential.
Nine / Twelve
This is a time to take a journey to someplace fresh and new. It is a chance to offer self a needed perspective. The journey can be physical if this would assist you, however a journey into a new place within self and the universe around you through the inner doorways is what is truly called for.
Ten /Ten
You are bringing people into your life at this time to offer you a tidal wave of information. This is the way you wanted it to be. Do not be overwhelmed. You do not have to ingest all of this information at once. Nor do you need to put it all to use right away. Sit back, relax and absorb what you can, there is time enough for the rest later.
Ten / Eleven
The floodgates have opened and your Spirit is offering you all the information you have been desiring. Ask questions and never stop asking. There is always more to be learned. This information you are being offered from within is the information you will value above all else.
Ten / Twelve
This domino ushers in a time of harmony when all things will fall into place with absolute ease. This is a time you have created with thoughts of harmony and love. Do not question your worthiness at this late date, You know better.
Eleven / Eleven
You are being called to set aside all the mortal work that you have been doing and focus on the work of the Creator. What can you do to assist yourself and in so doing assist humanity? How can you assist the Earth Mother at this time? This is the work before you now and you will be asked to humble yourself and your mortal needs for a time to do this higher work.
Eleven / Twelve
Are you questioning your purpose in this world? This is a natural time in your personal evolution to be doing this. This too shall pass and you will see that you are uniquely perfect and no one else can do what you are here to do!
Twelve / Twelve
This is the domino of Ascension. Are you prepared to do the work that will be required within you to achieve this ultimate reward on the Earth? It is not something that you give to self without feeling you have earned the right to step into your full power and dominion. Shedding all the layers to reach this feeling is the work. If you are prepared to do the work, you will be successful.

Did you know....dominoes were created in China for the purpose of divination. Only later did the western world discover them and begin to use them for a parlor game


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