Is it our job to initiate karma? Should have the right to avenge those wrongs done to us? Or should we actually be thankful for the lesson learned knowing it has saved us from a greater trauma in the future.
It seems that lessons are given to us until we get the message. We can learn them the easy way, or the hard way. Many times we are given advice we don’t heed, or we see an unkindness befall a friend. Yet ego says it’s not my problem or that will never happen to me.
It’s not until later when we look back we see that there was a clue, a simple solution that we failed to pay attention to. I wonder why it is we don’t see what is right in front of us, but it will keep happening until we understand meaning we are supposed to see.
So at what point do we turn the other cheek? Many will say never, some will have a line that must be crossed; some are open to allowing the lessons to come and go. There are some things we have no control over, things that are thrown at us from left field, that seem terribly unfair. These are those instances that shape you, require you to call on your strongest self to adapt and grow.
We are told of people that strive to do certain works for heavenly rewards, works that harm others, or even do these works in the name of a god or deity of some kind. Where is the lesson there? When is it okay to harm another in the name of a better after-life? This is much different than protecting those you hold dear, this is out right pain to another in the name of religion. How could that be considered the right thing to do, yet men of low moral value have used this to concur worlds. Religion is not a reason to overtake another, no one person has the right to tell another how to believe or what path they should be on. It’s something that each individual person needs to learn on their own. We are guided in this life, shown what we need to see, to make us who we are supposed to grow into.
I wonder sometimes if that is the test, to see where you draw your line. There are those with righteous indignation that swears they are the only ones that know the way, yet to me that is saying they know more than God. How can that be? God lets us find our way. He has no ego in any of this. It’s all about finding your best self.
But do we need to retaliate for those that have harmed us? Is that our job? Or do we trust in the balance of our world, knowing that as we learn our lessons, they will learn theirs too.

We are all right where we are supposed to be, right were its needed for us to do our part. I am vindictive at times, angry over injustice, and know there are better ways for things to be. I don’t know the answer all the time either, but I do know what is right for me. I strive to keep an open mind and open heart, it’s difficult and not a natural thing for me. But I trust that everything works out how it is supposed to.
Rev. Wonder

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Comment by tree faerie darlene on March 4, 2011 at 2:39am

hi wonder: 

i think that when something bad happens to us, it is because of our past life karma... or karma from this life. in any event, it is better that some bad things happen in this life and we don't do anything except embrace those others with love who hurt us, esp. if it wasn't their fault or maybe it was something that happened that could not be helped. because maybe we hurt someone before... if we connect the dots from day one, there is some reason for everything, mostly. if we respond to all things with love, then we do not create more bad karma... then, it levels out.... like a garden. except that flowers bloom and all things beautiful, rather than the other less beautiful harvests that could come there... i don't think there is ever a reason to hurt another person. but i think that the intention is important. sometimes, people hurt each other, but they don't mean to and then, they also hurt, because of that hurt they caused someone else. it is not possible for someone to hurt another person and not feel that hurt in some way, at some time. just know that no matter what, it comes back. so there is never a reason for us to go against another person for a mistake they have made, even if they hurt us. because then, we are doing the same thing they have done and will suffer,too, as a result. whereas, if we do not respond and even respond with love, eventually, things will work out for the best for us and them. much love to you, 

Comment by Mark Seebach on February 28, 2011 at 11:27am

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