In my experience, depression is the result of the suppression of the flowing of life force within us. Depression is not an emotion. It is the lack of it. It's like a flat line where there is no aliveness left.
The fear to live and express our feelings frequently leads us to depression. The more numb I get, the less I care about getting numb. Depression starts with numbness, denial, avoidance, excuses, justifications. The rule of the day is: DON’T FEEL.

This is a very common symptom these days where most of civilized humanity wears a mask and pretends that they are or feel differently than they do. We became masters at saying YES, when we want to say NO. And the system we live in rewards our children when they do that. On the other side, if they are authentic and spontaneous, the same system punishes them. And who wants to be punished when you are 4 or 6 or 10 years old? So everybody lies and all is well.
It is almost like a "viral contamination" that we get in our early infancy through imitation and training.

Since suppressing is so unnatural to our original design, it hurts us very deeply. We get used to it and the seed for depression starts sprouting: Self betrayal.
That is the time when negative feelings start arising in us. They are not the cause of the depression; they are the result of the suppression of life in us and the stagnation of the spontaneous loving being that we all are.

I really believe that when we expose our body-mind system to these frequencies for too long, any neural-hormonal chemistry can be altered. And when that happens we have another problem to add to the old habit of suppression:
our brain is not longer creating the hormones that we need to be and feel health and well being. Now we are trapped into what feels like a hard rock, a wall. Where to start?

In my experience working with hundreds of people struggling with depression (myself included), activating our original design is crucial. This means getting in touch with our suppressed feelings to bring the aliveness back.
Life manifest through our feelings.
Our feelings are a guidance system to our deepest values (love, peace, freedom, integrity, compassion, joy, play, creativity and so on).
When we disconnect from our feelings, we disconnect from our radar and we feel lost and confused. We lost connection with our inner core and our values.
The good news is that reconnecting with our authenticity and our feelings will bring life back to us.
When we allow those feelings that arise when we are depressed, lost and confused, we find they are exactly those feelings that we were persuaded were bad to feel.

I have learned that the resolution for the pain is in the pain itself. The exit out of the conflict is through the conflict itself. The solution to the problem is diving into it.

The questions are:

Do I want to dive into it?
Am I willing to do it?
Do I know how to?
What am I afraid of if i dive into it?

Luis Diaz

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Comment by Luis Angel Diaz on January 31, 2009 at 8:36pm
Yes, thats the key question for us.
As babies, we are masters at expression our feelings. We cannot be more spontaneous and authentic than a baby!

We are preparing a private site for people like you to go watch videos about sessions where people do the process of diving into it called Pain Bpdy Release-PBR.

Meanwhile get the FREE e-series on Emotional Healing and depression.

in awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz
Comment by Brenda on January 31, 2009 at 6:18am
Wow this really hits home with me, thanks for the enlightment. Sometimes you get in such a downward spiral you forget how to find your way out and let it take over. Im not going to let that happen, I will work and face my fears, if I want to live a long healthy life.

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