13.33 11/09/2013 

Facing the Fear of the  Void within. my journey.

Once again, as I was drifting on the very, verge of sleep, I found, myself flying over mountains, and vales, large. dark woodlands, of purple spruce and ever green pines.   Tall and majestic trees appearing out of the mists, of time.  Gliding above and looking down. I saw the reflection of me, in the dark, moonlit waters of the lakes, as I looked for a spot to land,  Pegasus, swooped down, softly landing in the silence of the forest, soundless, in the midst of the trees, and on the soft pine leaves, of the forest  floor.  I excitedly jumped of my steed, and he took off, into the night,  as I looked around, and walked. fearlessly into the dense darkness.

My eyes growing accustomed to the dimness, I found the place I was searching for, a deep hole under an old and gnarled, yew tree with roots growing, into the ground, and around, the precipice of the hole,  swinging, down on the root,s I started to climb, till the roots were no more, looking down, into an empty, void, of nothingness. I closed my eyes and let myself fall,  smelling the peaty smoke of my shadow dragon, waiting for me, I drifted on his breath, slowly falling.   Landing on a soft pile of bracken fronds, and pine needles, I found myself in a tunnel, a torch brand alight, on the earthy wall, glowing brightly.

  Picking myself up and dusting,  the leaves off my behind, I reached for the brand, and the glimmer of flame, that shone, out like a beacon, the soft glow of fire, warming me, making colorful highlights, around, me, in cheerful circles.  I started to explore the tunnel, tentatively walking forward, still smelling the smoke of my dragon guide.   As I walked further, the tunnel seemed to narrow, and get lower, panicking slightly as I’m quite claustrophobic, I ventured on, bravely, nearly crouching as I squeezed, through the narrow passage of the tunnel, my heart beating in my throat, with fear, of being trapped, and buried, underground, forever.  Feeling dizzy now, and gasping, I crawled through the narrowest of  holes, into a huge cavern, breathing a sigh of relief, I stood up and stretched, looking around me in amazement, at the beautiful cavern, the crystals shining, and reflecting, the light from my torch brand, like beams of rainbow colors all around, me.  The pools of water, on the floor glimmering, and glowing, also, shimmering, with the colors, and lights.    


Deep in the darkness, the recess, within,
Hiding in shadows, dimly, lights gleam.
Eyes, piercing lights, watching you pray,
Listening, daily, To words that you say.

Heart overflowing, the tears falling still.
Rivulets running, fading away.
Deep in the shadows, feeling my way,
Searching my mind, memories delay.

Releasing my fears,
Empty, my sea ,
Waters, no longer flowing,
I set myself free. ~Seaopal

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