Energy Report For September 6, 2012

Energy Report For September 6, 2012
Today’s Energy is again filled with contrasts. Those of us who have been experiencing major symptoms over the last year, seem to be moving out the other side into more peaceful energy; while the next wave, who were feeling lucky about not experiencing the symptoms, are now beginning to feel them.
The M Class Solar Flare last night left many of us with heartburn, reflux, nausea, burning skin and headache. I was awakened with nausea at 5 am, about the time there were 4.7 Earthquakes in Nicaragua and the Philippines. Since these areas are basically on opposites sides of the globe, and occurred within minutes of each other, the energy affected many of us.
We are feeling dizzy, unmotivated, moody and tired. Many of us are feeling that something is about to happen, the other shoe is about to drop. We are filled with anxiety and panic attacks. We just want to climb back in bed, pull the covers over our heads and hide from the energies.
I have been unable to access the website that I use to check Solar Activity, so have no idea what is happening on the sun. The Earth is still slightly feeling the effects of the recent Coronal Mass Ejections, which has caused computer and phone issues.
There was a 3.5 mag Quake in Yellowstone Park. There have also been quakes in Indonesia, Fiji, El Salvador, Chile, Iran, Costa Rica and the Gulf of Aden.
There are reports of headache, neck pain, pressure in head, vision issues, seeing things that are not there, not seeing things accurately, having a different perspective, throat issues, ear pain, back pain, hip pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, foot pain, sneezing, allergies, asthma, very loud ear noises, itching skin, burning skin, hot flashes, nausea, dizziness, feeling unbalanced, fuzzy headedness, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, moodiness, angry outbursts, fatigue, insomnia, strange dreams, vivid dreams and of course, exhaustion.
Animals are quiet and needy.
Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Emergen C or Coconut water is good for balancing the Electrolytes. Taking 1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt will help with integrating the intense energies and support our Adrenal Glands. Baths or showers will help to cool off the excess heat. Eat lots of raw foods for energy. Use the Energetic Clearing Technique to heal any physical or emotional issues. Thank you to all who share this valuable information!
Claudia McNeely 

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Comment by Ann on September 6, 2012 at 3:59pm


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