Esoteric Astrology as news for March 22 - 28, 2012

Esoteric Astrology as news for March 22 - 28, 2012

The Messengers: Aries Fire, Mercury, Raphael & All Things New

The new moon of the new spiritual (spring season) year occurs Thursdaymorning, at 2.22 degrees Aries. Mercury retro and Uranus are poised, like messenger-sentries, on either side of the new moon (Sun/moon). Humanity may be impressed with an idea (Mercury) that becomes a great ideal concerning our future (Uranus). We are in the full energetic stream of Aries now. Spring has arrived and new life is emerging in the Northern Hemisphere. The new Spiritual Year began at Spring Equinox as the Sun entered initiating Aries, sign of the mind, of fire, where all ideas begin and where the fiery impulse to take action actually happens in form and mater.

Aries New Moon

In Aries (where all new things begin) for the next seven years is Uranus, planet of revolution and the new archetypes needed to create the new culture and civilization. Mercury retro joined Uranus in Aries March 18th and will again April 22nd, Earth Day. Calling humanity to rise up, revolutionize, absorb the new archetypes and create the new world, together. Perhaps Mercury/Uranus will “present” a “solar event” on Earth Day. There is a direct relationship between planetary alignments and solar activity. Unlocking solar codes allows us to prepare for solar events.

Aries by Karen Mack

Aries pours into Earth as electric fire creating heat. This is the fire in lightning storms, usual during Spring. Aries fire must step itself down before reaching Earth, lest humanity & Earth become incinerated (on fire). Aries therefore steps itself down first through Mars, creating our fiery personalities, fiery challenges, war, strife and conflict. We are “washed in the fires of desire”. This is Mars. Later, as we progress upon the Evolutionary Path, we experience Aries through Mercury (the mind). Desire is lifted up to (become) aspiration. Instead of strife, we seek the fires of the mind (through study, knowledge, knowing, understanding).

Mercury is retrograde in Aries till April 4th, Mars (in Virgo) till April 13th (Eastern Orthodox Good Friday). Mercury retro & Venus this week align with Saturn creating a strict and disciplined week. The New Group of World Servers is preparing for the Three Spring Festivals - Aries (Love of God), Taurus (Will of God via Buddha), Gemini (Intelligence of God via Christ & humanity). Join us, everyone.

Archangel RaphaelMercury, Aries, Archangel Raphael
I want to share some of what was written on my Facebook page this week about Mercury, who is the Archangel Raphael and also Hermes, depending upon the era we are living in. First the information about Mercury which is Esoteric. I found that understanding this information about Mercury allowed me to call it forth, to have hope, and to have a different relationship with this “messenger of the Sun.”

Mercury (though retrograde) is in Aries. This past week Mercury and the Sun joined together. I felt the need for deeper research into Mercury. What are Mercury’s purpose & message?

Mercury in Aries
Mercury receives & distributes Ray 4, Harmony Through Conflict. Mercury is the Soul ruler of Aries (Mars is the personality ruler of Aries). Aries is the Light of Life Itself seeking to anchor itself in form and matter. All matter is filled with the fire of Spirit, which responds to Mercury. Mercury is the Sun’s messenger, the messenger of the gods of & the heavens.

Mercury illuminates. Ray 4 is the Ray of the Buddha, who illuminated humanity’s minds in preparation for the Coming of Christ, his brother. This illuminating principle is strongest in Aries. It calls forth the “Illuminati”, the Seers of the Age!

Mercury in Aries “leads humanity into the Light” of the intuition (Ray 4), the Buddhic consciousness.

Mercury in Aries diffuses illusion, expands the Higher Mind (abstract & intuition), radiating it into the outer world. Mercury works with the Soul; is the intermediary, helping the creative urgings of Spirit (the Will-to-be, to anchor Spirit into matter), & the powerful use of the Will to pierce through the darkness of concretized & crystallized thought-forms. Alex Grey Pictures, Images and Photos

When accomplished, the “birth of new ideas” occurs. These become revelations within us. We look for them (revelations) while Mercury is in Aries.

Archangel Raphael 
Mercury is Archangel Raphael, the Healing Archangel. He overlooks, oversees & protects the Earth during the Spring Season. He is the Angel of the Holy Grail. Raphael is also Hermes. Raphael is the Christian's name for Mercury. He is the Ambassador to the Earth from Mercury.

MercuryHermes/Mercury was the god of healing in Greek/Roman times. He carried the Caduceus, the Staff of Mercury (with 2 serpents - one white, one black, symbol of Initiation & the two Paths of Involution [into matter] & Evolution [Path of Return], with the straight & narrow Way of Initiation rising between them), which the priesthood of Aesculapius used symbolizing their gift of healing – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Aesculapius (god of Medicine, the Physician, Hygieia is the daughter of Aesculapius), the son of Apollo (also a healer), was raised by Chiron (wounded healer/centaur) who taught him healing and medicine. One of the miracles attributed to Aesculapius was the raising of the dead (an Initiation rite). It is said the "sons of Aesculapius “went to and fro through the earth like gliding stars” in their ministry of healing. Many of the ill were healed in the Temple ‘sleep'.

The Staff of Mercury later in Christian times became the Grail Cup, the serpents replaced by doves. In the Disciple/Initiate, having raised the life force (from the solar Archangel Raphaelplexus) into the heart, throat & head (the personality is Soul aligned) there are ancient pictures of small wings springing from the region of the throat. In some paintings, Light emanates from the throat and this light has the semblance of wings.

Raphael & Our Daily Prayers 
It is written that each evening-time, Raphael gathers up all prayers for healing asked from humanity during the day and carries them to heaven where he presents them before the throne of God. Here they are transformed into fragrant blossoms, which are then borne down to Earth by Raphael's (Mercury's) serving Angels. The flowers are then scattered about to bring solace & comfort where there is pain & sorrow. It is good to know these things and ponder upon them with Mercury & Mars retrograde. When revelations occur.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute/College, a contemporary Wisdom School, in the Ancient Mysteries tradition, studying the Tibetan's teachings in the Alice Bailey books.
Risa can be reached at

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