Feng Shui ~ by the Numbers ...Namaste...Roshandra...

Feng shui … by the Numbers ~ Roshandra ~ The Art of Centering

In feng shui the Ba Gua TEMPLATE is ‘guide’ to arrange your room or home space. My work is thru the COMPASS feng shui which sets up a Space by the SOUTH ~ North ~ East ~ West ~ and this overlay is your navigating direction.in EACH of the EIGHT Life Sectors of the Ba Gua there is a COLOR and NUMBER and Meaning associated with it.

The system is a Magic SQUARE on the NUMBERS.
IN EACH Sector of the COMPASS directions you will then realize the groupings of numbers become a KEY way to organize and balanced a desired Lay out.

This translates to your Goals in life….it might be you wish to manifest and attract in a Relationship love? You might wish to increase your business or change and manifest a new career shift. It might mean you would like your child to do better in School and wish to aid them on Study energy space…Also you may wish to have more Peace in your Environment and each NUMBER relates to each part of the Ba Gua TEMPLATE. Has a NUMBER.so let’s Talk NUMBERS…………

For RELATIONSHIP ~ South WEST sector is the NUMBER 2…..if you want relationship place things in this sector in TWOS and the COLOR is Red, or Pink..or Orange…TWOS......Pairs

If you need more Metal energy which is the WEST Sector and the COLOR White and will aid you for movement for creativity and for a clear mind energy..To HOLD ideas well and work with this is the NUMBER SEVEN. Repeat Seven Metal objects I a row..this and the color white or grey metal…

FOR CAREER and WATER in the NORTH you may place the Image of a TURTLE for Stability and the ONE Main item is a Chinese WATER Black Fountain…

…place STONES in it for Career and Financial movement. Communications and Calm emotions on Career…..and WATER for FLOW….
the number is ONE…and color is Black……… remember to ADD Stones

in this area for Stability in changes…

One of my Favorite areas to work in is the area of the FAMILY Sector which is the ……….EAST and this is the WOOD Element and NUMBER THREE…Family sector is for Growth and TREES and plants………one of the easiest things to do is to PLANT in your GARDEN THREE TREES and this will aid not only your Family health….home WOOD element..but also your relationships in business to have family friendships thru business. This is COMMUNITY energy and what is called NETWORKING.. working with WOOD and the Repeating of the NUMBER THREE in the EAST will gain you much Peace…grounding..and good health…….it will also aid you on Transformation and Upward GROWTH and expansion…even in clients OFFICE…….a simple way to bring in this energy and number is to position THREE Bonsai Plants in a row..it ads interest…energy of plants…and is very MAGICAL…

Please email me if you have any questions on FENG SHUI NUMBERS and think about your COMPASS DIRECTIONS when you ‘set up’ your next dinner party or wedding or meeting..numbers at the tables mean things in feng shui and the color of the design and the position of where each may sit…

DESIGN for Success,,,Peace…Harmony and ….Watch your NUMBERS….Namaste’..
Blessings Roshandra ~ The Art of Centering ~ www.theartofcenteringfengshui.wetpaint.com

Original ARTICLE by Roshandra ~ The Art of Centering ~ www.theartofcenteringfengshui.wetpaint.com
All rights belong to ‘ the Art of Centering ‘ and MAY be reprinted with acknowledged LINKS ..Namaste'

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Comment by Roshandra on September 19, 2010 at 10:04pm
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Comment by Roshandra on September 19, 2010 at 10:01pm
Magic with Forest and
WATER..Fall....pure MAGIC...Namaste..Roshandra

water falls Pictures, Images and Photos
Comment by Roshandra on September 19, 2010 at 9:58pm
Forest WOOD ELEMENT energy is so nourishing for the Heart too and calming the space...Namaste'..Roshandra
Comment by Roshandra on September 19, 2010 at 9:57pm
kebun semarang Pictures, Images and Photos

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