First Impressions Are Intuitive
by Owen Waters

Whenever you step firmly into heart-centered consciousness,
your awareness immediately becomes more connected to your inner
source of intuition. Through intuition, you become aware of
information about people, places and events that springs from
the essence of those people, places and events. This
information is not delivered through the outside senses,
although it may unfold within you at the same time that you
receive sensory information.

While visual information relates only to the sense of sight,
intuitive information includes much more. It includes all
sensory information - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste -
and, in addition to that, the thoughts, feelings and memories
that are relevant to the situation.

First impressions are more than just visual. They are
intuitive as well. When you are about to meet a person for the
first time and you are approaching them, you will receive a
visual impression and your consciousness will also receive
impressions about the nature of their consciousness, such as
their true emotional state. That intuitive stream of
information will come into your awareness alongside the visual
stream and, if you are aware that it exists, you can add the
intuitive information to your conscious impression of the

Everyone receives this intuitive information stream
unconsciously, but, for it to arrive in your conscious mind,
you have to:

1) Be aware that it exists.

2) Be open to receiving it.

The more you practice having an openness to intuitive
information, the more this will develop.

Most people are not aware of their mental and emotional
transmissions. In a crowd of people, these transmissions add
together and there is as much mental noise as there is physical
noise. As you become more in tune with your inner senses, you
will find that, on some occasions, it's better not to access
your intuitive information for a time, just to give yourself
some peace from the volume of mental noise.

At night, when you travel out-of-body in the spirit realms,
communication is different than when you are awake in your
physical body. The natural method of communication in your
spirit body is to exchange information with others via thought.
In the spirit world, people naturally know when to open for a
communication and when to close down their thought
transmissions again. There, you sense when a person 'opens' to
you and sends a mental greeting, or when they are 'closed' and
not offering any communication.

In daily life, first impressions are intuitive as well as
visual. The reception of such information is automatic, but the
conscious mind misses this information feed when it is focused
entirely upon the external world.

Be more aware of your own intuitive information. Be open to
it. Then, it will flow right into your conscious mind along
with the visual information that your conscious mind is

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This article was written by Owen Waters, author of "Freedom of
the Spirit: Four Powerful Steps to Spiritual Freedom." This
deeply insightful e-book combines some of today's most proven
and time-tested spiritual practices into one powerful and
effective package.

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