Namaste all.

My very best to all of you; feel the wind on your skin, listen to the sound of running water, smell flowers in full bloom, taste a meal cooked to perfection, see snowflakes glistening in the moonlight, you will know we are here and in the moment. A wise man once said to me: "Greg, there are only two things you must know." I said, "Please tell me these two things." He replied "That the place is here and the time is now, if you accept this, you can handle anything." Wise words... big universe - lol. We of this world are in such a dilemma. We are controlled, by our own consent, by those who would do us wrong for their own selfish agenda. Why do we do this? Why do so many suffer, that so few may prosper? I have answers, if you so choose to believe them. The choice is, and always will be yours.

Let us begin. Those that you see on TV are but puppets, our supposed leaders, elected by the greater good. Is it really the greater good, or the lesser of two evils? We all know the truth, yet we do not want to rock the boat. It is inbreed in us, the lucky ones who live in a modern world, lucky enough to live our lives, not without pain and suffering, but with privileges granted to us by the blood of our forefathers. Liberties that we are letting go, liberties that cost so much to get, liberties that our forefathers thought were worth dying for. We are taught that we are sinners in all mainstream religions, but are we not all spirit, animating animal form? Did we not volunteer to experience this world that we could be teachers/mentors to those that could not fathom the hardships of this reality? The choice is yours. It always will be. You are here, you live in the now. Tomorrow will always be what you do today and it's infinite possibilities. Why do they fear us so much? That they would poison our food? Our water? Give use medicines that do not heal us but prolong our suffering? They profit from it. I will tell you a secret, they do not want you to know. At the moment there is nothing more than us and our planet, no more, no less, it is all we have. You cannot profit from what you already have. It is ours, believe it feel it, you were born here, you have the right! They fear us because we create our reality, perception and intent is key, and they cannot do what we can - create. They can only use us for their own selfish agenda. Do their fathers, mother, brothers, sisters go to war? NO! But they do profit from it, from our sweat and blood. Our sacrifice. Why do they seek to control us so much? Do they build their own houses? Grow their own food? No! Yet they have the best of everything that we create that they cannot, yet they control us. Why? Are you beginning to understand?

Those in power are hidden, but not from me. I pursue them relentlessly. The greater good fights for you, for you are the greater good. Realize it, you are not sheep, you are the movers and the shakers. The world is ours! Take it back. We all have a equal and shared interest in it. Do not let them make your decisions for you, you are apart of all that is and always will be. You are creation! This world ours, not theirs, they are not from here, they are only taking advantage of our ignorance, our tolerance, and our compassion. I, a man of earth, by his own free-will serves the greater good, with all my heart and soul. The choice is yours, as always, light and love leads to creation, fear and darkness leads to destruction. What will you choose? I have already chosen. What kind of world do you really want to live in? Stop letting them choose for you, make your choice and live it. Peace be with you, my fellow brothers and sisters of creation. Do not let them win, your choices now influence infinity. Believe it!

Much peace, light, and love.

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