Learn from the people of Japan ~GANBARE ~ “hang in there” and much more.

First, The hearts of the world are praying deeply for you, the people of Japan. You shine bright to us all, your strength, your beauty, your support to each other, in this catastrophe time.

AGAIN upon  Mother Earth our global family witnesses and weeps for a nation devastated, torn to the core. We see images and hear the stories. How many times now has something like this happened…. the eyes of the world watching.

Help gathering and being sent to assist…911, Katrina, the Christmas Indonesian Tsunami, Haiti, China, Chile, New Zealand… the Gulf, countless small events… the Chilean and other mining events, floods in Italy… to many cataclysms to name.

When will humans wake up?  We continue to make choicesthat support death to other species of the planet, that honor systems that take the life of people and turn it to wealth for some, that bleed and devour thoughtlessly the greatest living being among us, our Earth, that ……  you fill in the blank!

It’s easy to do this when intoxicated by the world of things…. isolated in cultures teaching fear and disrespect of what and who is different, setting class boundaries, accepting children can work countless hours for pennies to make something that is sold and resold until the final seller is dripping with the fat of others labors… what is wrong with this picture? Some who read this will cry, It’s survival of the fittest. Who is to say who is the fittest, by what system are people judging?

The indigenous prophecies speak of the fat takers, Earth rapers and the Earth Changes, the purification that will happen unless humans get it straight OR are no more. What is it going to take to turn us from this road of consumption, waste and war?

Each of us can do more, each of us can carry ourselves with respect for all life. The people of Japan in the wake of this disaster are teachers for us, they are remaining calm, showing courage and respect, helping each other while waiting with patience for institutional help. They are not stealing and hoarding. The young carry the old on their backs to safety, those that have, are sharing with those that have nothing.  They voice encouragement to each other, GANBARE, hang in there, now a greeting everyone offers. Will it take a disaster every where to have humans share and take no more from the Earth and each other than is necessary and then do it with gratitude and renewal?

Without doubt there are great pockets of humanities Light and generous and amazingly beautiful actions taken by individuals and communities all over the world. It is not enough though.

Each of us can do more to keep balance and serve, i know i can and will.

The Luminous Garden Seeds hold visions of the best humanity can be. What are your visions? Don’t doubt you can make them real!

Let this horrific experience of our Japanese sisters and brothers seep so deep inside you it makes you ill to the point it turns you inside out and gives you the strength to speak for life affirming conscious action everywhere, to speak of change, to make change. It’s not necessary to list the actions of greed and short sighted behavior… we all see them and we all commit some of them.       If we don’t confront ourselves, the Earth will continue too.

Take every opportunity to educate and encourage respectful living. Everyone is focused now, eyes and ears are open and we can make this the galvanizing event that turns humanity to live in harmony.


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