This is an article written in spanish and translated into english a year ago. Published in a newspaper in South America.

CMR-Cellular Memory Release is a cutting edge healing method that teaches to release the negative emotional load, even if the person may feel some pain in the process. It is a battle against the habit to withhold emotions, to hide them and to be ashamed of them.

Margot underwent continuous episodes of depression when she was a teenager. She did not remember other situations in her youth different from her fight against symptoms like restless sleep, not wanting to get out of bed, low performance at work and suicidal thoughts. Although for some periods, she would feel fine.

For almost 8 years, from 22 to 30, she visited her psychiatrist once a week. She tried at least 15 anti-depressants, 25 types of medical treatment and appointments with all kind of health professionals without showing any recovery. “I even thought of having electro shocks as the last resource offered by medicine”, she remembers.

She was studying Mathematical Statistics and only believed in traditional medicine. But her will to be healthy led her to look into other alternatives where she found a specialist in cellular memory, Luis Angel Diaz, an Argentinean who eventually would teach her in detail Cellular Memory Release.

During the sessions with Margot, Luis used his knowledge of oriental medicine and kinesiology. One of the exercises he taught Margot was to tap specific points on her hands every time she had negative feelings.

She followed all the specialist indications with strong will. “I followed his instructions for 4 days and must say it was not pleasant. I did not feel well, I was exhausted, tired and cried a lot. Continuous practice began to vanish those feelings”, she says.

Because of the results, Margot took the risk to drop all other traditional medicine treatments and decided to only follow Luis Diaz‘ advice. Today, she no longer needs other consultations even though depression episodes return seldom. She recognizes that, unlike other methods, this treatment helped her to heal herself.

Learning to Feel
Learning to feel is the premise of a approach in which the professional works as a guide so that the patient gets to his inner self and discovers what is harming him.

“ It depends on the person’s ability to take responsibility for his life”.
The work does not function when the person really wants other to cure him and to solve his problems but is not willing to assume them”, Luis Diaz says.

Surely, many people are not willing to face their problems because they know this cause pain. The specialist explains it: “The idea is to release the negative emotional load. When a physical therapist touches a stiff muscle, it hurts. And you must breathe deeply to allow freeing the accumulated pain. In the energetic cellular field it works the same way: when the negative loads leave, sometimes it produces pain.

But, how does the pain accumulate? Diaz explains that all human beings are designed to “recycle” energy so that when something affects us emotionally or physically, any uncomfortable sensation or feeling is meant to flow through us naturally. The problem is that our society teaches us, since we are kids, to withhold our emotions, to hide them and to be ashamed of them. And as time goes by, we get clogged up with them, we stop being authentic and we forget who we really are. “ The ‘human transformation plant’, conformed by body, mind and soul, gets so loaded, that it becomes a ‘storage place’ where we keep emotions stuffed until it stars overflowing. Then, the smallest trigger creates an out of control reaction in us" Luis Diaz draws a parallel with a computer. If anger happens in us, that anger goes to its own file; if it is sadness, it will go to the sadness file, and so on. To each one of those energetic places, there is a corresponding physical place, which at the end it will be manifested in the form of pain or disease. For example, anger is repressed in the liver, the shoulders and the jaw. Sadness, in the chest area and the intestines.

Enough suffering
The specialist asseverates that through the practice of CMR (Cellular Memory Release) and Pain Body Release he has found that all the information, from the moment of conception onwards is stored in people’s body like in a giant file with different levels from the deepest to the shallowest. And when something extraordinary happens, the possibility of knowing what is kept arises. It certainly is an uncomfortable process for the ego but very beneficial for the real self.

CMR is for those who are ready, for those who no longer want to take suffering, confusion and emotional/physical pain. And some times, desperation is the most suitable space to do this type of work”, the specialist clarifies.

According to CMR’s creator, heaviness sensation, cold or hot spots, sleepiness in some body areas, or acute body pain, are forms the body is expressing itself. In those cases, there is a vital energy’s contraction that prevents the power of life force from flowing and the organs’ healing. That repression produces self-destruction because the negative load is not expressed. “It is not uncommon to find very nice, gentle people with withheld emotions and serious diseases”.

Re-emerging feelings
CMR is practiced individually or in group’s sessions. The facilitator asks people how their life would be, if by magic everything changed and a miracle happened. Depending on their answer he leads them to find the obstacles that prevents them to reach their dream come through.

“ If it is a chronic backache, or a repetitive situation like an addiction or situations like never finding a good job, that could be caused by jammed negative emotional charge that creates we call the Pain-Body. The person is taught how to transform and to release that load using very easy-to- learn and effective techniques. This is a very simple explanation, but the process is truly a very conscientious procedure which demands dedication.

During the sessions there is no physical work. The process consists of asking the right questions helping the person to find the places by himself. The patient remembers, gently revives the feelings, and from the most tenuous gets to the deepest feelings. Then he is ready to let them go.

Luis Diaz, who studied and practiced oriental medicine for over two decades, became very involved in developing ways to access the human unconscious. 8 years ago after the sudden death of his wife, he created this methodology called Cellular Memory Release. He recalls that event as the greatest pain suffered in his life but also as the best opportunity for self-transformation and for helping others too.

“ It was then, where my inner energetic dimensions were revealed to me, and finally discovered how the cellular memory works and how we store information in our body”. This revelation fitted together with his particular concern in helping his clients in more effective ways, because until then “I had not been able to root out the negative memories they had.”

Luis Angel Diaz is the creator of the CMR process. He's a certified as a Consultant and Instructor of Specialized Kinesiology & Touch for Health by the International Kinesiology College in Zurich, Switzerland, and the Touch for Health Association Worldwide. He began his studies in Chinese & Tibetan Medicine at the age of 21. After several years as a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu, Reiki,Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbology, he discovered that most of the physical or psychological imbalances that we experience are caused by emotional and electrical disturbances with the main roots in the Belief System and the Logical Mind's Programming. He became then a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Neuro- Linguistic Programming practitioner. Due to his discoveries, he devoted himself to find more ways to access the information stored in the cellular memory of our bodies. Currently he teaches CMR internationally to people that want to help themselves and others become more healthy and empowered human beings.

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In healing and awareness,

Luis Diaz


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