Gratitude for ONEness -Calling Mastermind Group

Hi everyone,

Just to let you and everyone who wants to know KNOW that I am putting a mastermind group together which is not about abundance. It's about mindset & healing. Essentially, I created it for energy healers out there who are interested in ONEness support in what they try to achieve. It's once per month, and everyone gets to host it in turn.

Anyone who wants to get together, please connect with me on Skype:

ID: serendipity_jane

It's a place where you can ask question, learn, grow, and support and also about how to release these negative energies that daily try to creep up on even the most enlightened amongst us.

It's about staying in a healthy mindset and vibrate true happiness.

It's about creating better experiences, even on a cellular level.

It's about changing profoundly how we are wired, eliminating the "writings on our walls" from past generations, and allowing our subconscious mind to accept healing, health, and
in turn wealth and abundance, as part of a natural cycle.

Everything starts and ends with YOUR ability to tune in to that frequency and this can only happen with a healthy mindset that embraces and affirms life.

This is where my mission comes from.

The order is not: live to work but work to live. Without a healthy mindset, you are stuck, limit yourself, and eventually get sick, whether this shows up as a physical or
economic struggle. Nobody is totally 100% safe from that.

However, these issues are both linked to the SAME problem of not allowing the free flow of this creative force to be part of your life. Both problems arise when you're blocking the energy that connects you with this
matrix, and both problems stem from the ability to allow L.O.V.E. to be that
operating force in our daily life, individually and as a global community.

I extend gratitude for every sip of water I drink, food I eat, and every
morning I am thankful for the air I am able to breathe. I extended that
gratitude to my Creator. This higher intelligence/universe has been
acknowledged by Einstein who said: "Anyone who gets seriously involved in
the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the
laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man.", and Max
Planck who stated that "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of
a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and
intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

WE ALL ARE ONE within this matrix. Nobody should ever have to be alone. No child should have to be taken into custody of others, neither should elderly people live old age as burden, solitary, or in any economic

If the entire universe is goverend by LOVE and if that's the force of creation, it's up to the individual to accept our innate gift to fulfill our potential, develop and grow in our ability to accept it in our lives. The choices we make is what will result in what we
are, do, and have.

Ultimately, we can't condemn those who have made wrong choices, neither can they become a weight on others who made the right choices.

However, what we can do is empower every single one of them to LOVE God, themselves, as others, and develop each their own consciousness to be part of the collective consciousness and to be able to perceive this ONEness of our nature.

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