Are you grounded, balanced and enlightened?

Keeping a healthy physical body, mind and emotions for the important purpose of comfortably welcoming and housing your spirit self is a full time job. The living results that you achieve depend on your personal awareness, watchfulness and many times your willingness to innovate. Flexibility of thinking and action is necessary.

Being in the “now” moment, fully present, is a good thing but by itself, it is not enough. In addition you have to be willing to see your own needs and evaluate your experiences. You have to be willing to make changes or adjustments that are not always so easy.

Most of you would agree that the day to day challenges of earth life are taxing enough without having to spend considerable thought and energy to accommodate the continual desires for spiritual growth that issue from your soul. Life path and direction can become a continually perplexing issue.

So what is this “grounded” business? If you have taken any intuitive development or healing classes and workshops you have probably been told the necessity of being and staying grounded. You may have been given various grounding techniques, tools or exercises. All of those methods are intended to lend stability to your inner plane channeling, insure the accuracy of your work and give you the confidence of knowing you are working with a high level of energy.

As a psychic medium I immediately relate grounding to a first chakra issue. The first or “root chakra” as it is sometimes called is an energy wheel within your aura field. It is located approximately at the base of your spine. That chakra contains your first experiences with this earthly incarnation. It holds your emotional feelings regarding family, relationships, financial security and also contains any “fight or flight” response.

Obviously to be grounded requires an acknowledgment and acceptance of your human experience in all its variety. The act of grounding engenders a feeling of solid understanding attachment to mother earth and the nature of your earth life in particular.

Think about grounding as it relates to wiring and electricity; you know that the grounding wire has a very important function. Without grounding, any electrical connection, instead of fulfilling the intended pattern of a light or other electric appliance, might send sparks flying out “willy-nilly” in all kinds of potentially harmful directions.

I remember one of my metaphysical instructors some years ago saying that if you ever became too “airy-fairy” with your psychic experiences and high spirituality, if you ignored the needs of your more earthly existence, your humanness and began living “ungrounded”, there was a quick solution. You should simply have a bite of steak tarter and glass of whiskey! Yes I am sure that will bring you down to earth! Not at all what I would recommend but I understand the idea.

All of which brings us to the subject of being balanced. What does the balanced life mean to you? For me balance is giving attention to many facets of life without leaning too far in any one direction. Every day I want to enjoy a time for work, play and meditation.

I set aside time to just think and review my priorities. I make sure to laugh when ever the opportunity presents itself and smile often. Accessing my joy and thankfulness each day gives me not only that feeling of balance but assures me that I am able to handle the unexpected.

You and I receive 24 hours every day. What are you doing with yours? Have you strived for balance? What might you do to bring more balanced living into your days? Just as there will always be dark times, there are always ways to turn on the light.

For shining the light on dark day experiences I personally have always turned to thankfulness. I encourage you to be thankful for the big things as well as the little ones. Give thanks for the people who aggravate you and the ones that bless you. Both kinds bring gifts. Thankfulness always brings me joy, peace and balance. I believe looking with gratitude at our life experiences can help initiate the balance that we crave.

Now tell me; are you “enlightened”? When I say “enlightened” what kind of picture does it draw to mind? Can you perhaps become enlightened? Or is enlightenment only for special people? Must you cast aside your humanness to experience enlightenment? Perhaps you need to become monk-like and ignore your earthly relationships and desires? Hardly!

You have incarnated on earth to have an earthly experience while still respecting and honoring the truth of your nature which is Spirit. Your earth life is a time for understanding some very basic concepts. It is a time that offers you physical resonance while gaining soul wisdom.

To be fully enlightened in this life does have its requirements however. Listening to the quiet voice of your indwelling spirit is the beginning of all understanding. It is necessary to spend regular time in meditation and contemplation. Asking for and receiving the help of your own guides, masters and teachers will bring amazing guidance to you.

Perhaps the most taxing of the enlightenment requirements is the casting aside of a nearly automatic judgment of people and circumstances.

Judgment of yourself, judgment of others can cripple or delay your journey to enlightenment. Admittedly it can be a strain to pull back from an all too human habit of labeling every action good or bad. It is undeniably difficult to call your own actions or lack of action just more “experience” instead of something hurtfully critical.

What can be even more of a challenge is resisting the urge to label the actions of family members, friends and even strangers according to your own concepts of right and wrong. To ever assume that any one of us knows with certainty what is good or bad for others is not appropriate. We cannot know the needs of another’s life path.

The good news is that a completely enlightened person will never have anything to forgive! Why? Because they have never taken offence. They have never been offended by their own actions or the actions of others.

When you access your personal enlightenment you become powerfully aware that every action you take affects the whole of life. When you are happy you automatically “infect” your fellow beings. Your joy is even more “contagious”. Your own light and the way your project that light will touch others. In other words as uniquely individual as you are, your heart reveals with unwavering certainty that you are part of the ONE LIFE, the ONE SPIRIT, the ONE CREATION. There is no separation. As an enlightened being you will take most seriously your obligation to be the very best “you” that you can be.

So, are you grounded? Are you living the balanced life? Are you pursuing your own enlightenment? Only you know for sure.

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