Have you notice a change in the weather. i have been really, really looking at our disasters in the last 2 years. I cannot believe what I am seeing, and now they had 2 more EarthQuakes ..One in Italy and the other over-seas some-where.. and than just this week, it as raining. I had to put the heather on and the very next day, it was 105... What the heck is going on. Well, let me tell you what i have discovered. i was shocked when I saw This: Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory. Now you need to know first that Haarp stands for/Hight frequency active Auroral Research program....... oh my God! They have the odasseity to call it Auriral.. Jesse is saying that the government now is CONTROLING THE WEATHER..... and  this plant is responsible for all these's new Earth-quakes, sanamies, and Herricanes that we have been having time and time again. You simply eed to go on You-tube and watch this tape it will blow you away ! I believe everything I saw. There are 2 plants right now, one is in Alaska and the other is over-seas,, oh my God ! and if they build more, they will continue to knock of the human Being, because they say, that the planted is over-loaded.. Jesse Ventura as you know was running for Governer, I cant believe he lost, he is such an authentic Human Being. I am not sure how many poles there are in each plant but, each pole shoots out 10,000 watts of electricity and each plant shoots out 13.6 Million watts at one time. What happens is they have it perfectly timed and all at once they shoot to the middle and that one big blast up!!!!! oh my God! It looks like an atomic blast... this blast effects the atmosphere and they way that the weather is going....IT TOTALLY CONTROLS THE WEATHER..... Views?

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Comment by Mark Seebach on June 28, 2013 at 4:55pm

 Hello {{{Mary Ellen}}}, Jesse actually was governor of Minnesota at one time. As far as Haarp and weather and earthquake manipulation.....it is a possibility, as this technology was developed by Nikla Tesla to distribute electricity around the world, wirelessly....the thing is, if it is being used in this manner, then "they" don't have a clue as to what "they" are doing....as the changes that are occurring are everywhere. The climate IS changing, the Earth is stretching and growing, the Gulf Stream IS slowing and not bringing warm water towards the British Isles, other ocean currents are changing course or failing, due to the influx of fresh water melting at the poles. With ALL that, we as a race of beings, are also growing and changing in consciousness....and a part of that change is releasing the victim role, which means, "they" are "us", and we will either adapt to the environment that we have created or we will not....and it does absolutely no good to wring our hands and gnash our teeth....BE the change you wish to see....namaste'

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