Harvest and Gathering your 'CHI" for the Fall and Winter ~ FENG SHUI

During this TIME of year..our thoughts turn to Gathering and the HARVEST and preparing for the Fall Transition and the Winter coming..a time for all to Go Inward and be Introspective...

A touch Of "red' for fire thru the Fall color leaf changes and for warmth into the Winter..

LOOK To Red in Feng Shui for the Master bedroom touches to warm and keep passions alive..and flannel sheets of red...also look for touches of red or burgundy red in the way we need to Ground our fire into Earth. In feng shui the ELEMENT OF FIRE FEEDS the Earth...energy..Fire produces ASH and Ash is Earth soil...

now for the KITCHEN..find Spices and HERBS that create FIRE.

the Kitchen is the Hearth of the HOME and it is where Wealth can be increased and your FAMILY nourishment..digestion and gathering...the KITCHEN In feng shui rules the FIRE element and the Success of a Happy Family will join to eat together and Share..

Cinnamon ~ Pepper ~ Cayenne red pepper...are some spices you work with in the FALL and WINTER

It will AID digestion and keep you feeling warm..

Soups at HOT Green peppers PHO soup is great and fresh homemade Chicken noodle SOUP

also at this GREAT time of the Year put around your PUMPKINS and FALL Leaves and the hot MULLED CIDER..this is the time of year for Goblins and GOOD Ghosts and to add WOOD to your wood pile...

here's an Image of Practical MAGIC HOUSE from the FILM.........

old house have SPIRITS and in Real Estate

one of the areas ..we explore and i work with are GHOSTS..good ones and the SPIRIT of a HOUSE and the ANGEL OF a Family...or Relative Ancestor...........OLD Houses have a HISTORY.....we can explore or find energies or feelings of those that Loved and Lived there...we also find the BUMPS in the night and some need a release to the LIGHT..so watch how your HOUSE feels and if you are in an OLDER house this TIME OF Year things will start to SHOW UP..smile...all part of the Halloween time and the coming ALL SAINTS DAY

the VEILS are THINNED then.............so...........enjoy..also at this time i year I WRITE ARTICLES ON HAUNTED HOUSES or Places of PUBLIC use..watch for my LINKS...i do enjoy the energy at this time of year

Blessings Roshandra ~ Designer for Environments of Light, Feng shui, and Success

The Art of Centering...www.theartofcenteringfengshui.wetpaint.com

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