How to rebuild the New World

Now let's consider what to do about the dangerous guys who are not sufficiently evolved, and who are incarnated in positions where they have become a danger to the peaceful evolution of our planet. Let's face it! There is nothing we can do on our own. We have seen that a fanatic cannot be convinced by arguments. And we have seen that those who have suffered cannot forgive easily.

Those who have started accumulating money for selfish purposes cannot be talked into giving it away easily! Those who have devised a system for control­ling a country or an area or a religion will not give up this position of power on their own initiative. These four categories of people can become very dangerous!

We have found out that the option of fighting them is not our best option. Especially since our objective is not to defeat or eliminate them but to bring them back to their senses and since most of these "dangerous guys" are not intrinsically bad or evil, but just not sufficiently evolved to be able to judge the right path.


They could be inspired religious leaders who want to teach a lesson to the infidels or proud government ministers who want to take their revenge on a terrorist country or a frightened government that wants to attack before the "enemy" strikes. It might be the fear of a nuclear attack that makes a government want to strike first or a desire to protect a religious building from the infidels, or a cleric who thinks he has studied the Qura'an, or the Bible, and is furious that one of the "teachings"  he has read about is not being followed.

Or…or…or…the possibilities are without end and, at first sight, could appear laudable to many. Except that our history has taught us that without love and forgiveness, and understanding, and trust in God, the warlike conditions on the planet cannot end. It is about time that we all understand that not a single war has ever resulted in a permanent positive result for a period exceeding the sixty years needed for the new generation to grow up!


Divide and rule: There is an old saying that if you want to exercise your control over an area all you have to do is to encourage divisions among its inhabitants. And many of these guys who have become a danger to their society have just been tricked into taking the wrong path. They only need to be shown where their real priorities lie.


The Infinite World:

We have to face the facts as our logic sees them.

First of all the world is infinite since it cannot be finite and limited. In other words had it been finite, what would there have been beyond?

Now let us ask God himself in a direct question to tell us about infinity and parallel dimensions, and big bubbles. As we knowwhen we ask a question to God, our next thought is his answer. So here is his answer as I received it.


God is infinite and he is in All There Is:

He is in everything, in every thought, in every atom.  Enjoy looking at infinity. Close your eyes and visualize it. Everything else, from the big bang bubble down to the quark exists in infinite numbers of parallel dimensions, and in every one of these parallel dimensions God is in every portion of each parallel dimension.

Thus in the parallel dimension that we are in now, God is an essential constituent of every human, and of every particle of this human.

While we are in the physical world we keep facing choices, and what we do when we face a choice determines to which parallel dimension we will go. To one of happiness, or one of sorrow, of prosperity or of poverty,


The five jokers:

Now let's get back to our responsibilities while on earth. One of these basic responsibilities is to teach the laws of ethics by our example. Thus when others see us succeeding and reflecting on the reasons for our success, they may come to suspect that our ethical living is one of the major reasons, and they may tend to want to copy our way of living.

However, now we may be feeling that time is getting short, and the world may well be reaching a decisive catastrophic turning point where we decide that we have to act.


So what do we do? We have five "jokers" in our hand that can all five produce miracles, providing they are handled in the right way.  We have to practice using them properly and actively on every occasion. These five jokers are all known to be capable of affecting the thinking processes in a positive way.


- 1: Positive thinking.

- 2: The saints.

- 3: The universal mind. God.

- 4: Sending our love by Ho Opono Pono.

     - 5: Asking for help from a parallel world.


Let's use them all, and powerfully.


1: Positive thinking: Never think, or talk, about the pos­sibility of a WWIII starting in any particular area of the earth. Think instead of the leaders of opposing countries shaking hands and smiling to each other! Visualize the children of both sides playing together, camping together, and going to school together.

Whenever you hear about a war or a civil conflict in the news, visualize a win / win solution and send it out to them, powerfully and repetitively.

Keep thinking of this win/win solution. Talk about it and write about it on the internet. Every thought you express will have its effect on others. Directly or indirectly your thoughts will reach the "dangerous guys"

2: The saints: We must ask for the help of the saints by praying to them and visualizing what it is we want. In an emergency, we must pray to all our saints. To those we trust most, those to whom our community prays. Also we must pray to all the others. A saint does not differentiate between communities. So the message, accompanied by a visualization of peace, and love and forgiveness between all earth peoples could be worded on the following lines: Dearest Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Mary, [add all those you know] we love you! Just as much as you love us. We have been following your teachings since our childhood and continue to do so. We know that we are all one with all on earth and in the heavens. We have unconditional love toward all the inhabitants of our earth, and we want to live in peace and love with them all.

Earth and we want to live in peace and love with them all.

PLEASE HELP US to achieve peace and love. Now visualize what you want, powerfully, and send it out. Send out a powerful visualization and keep seeing it, over and over! This could consist of all the "bad guys" and the "good guys" smiling at each other; shaking hands; dancing with each other's wives; playing with each other's children; laughing and joking together; and joining in the inauguration of hydraulic projects, solar projects, and universities.


3: The universal mind: We can command the uni­versal mind, our Creator by visualizing what we want, with a powerful and repetitive image of what we want. Before doing that, we must make sure we are in union. First activate your spiritual bodies as described earlier in this book. And when you have the happy feeling of being in the void, send out your message: "I want union with the universal mind" Once ths union has taken place follow it with your command:

"In my capacity of a son (or daughter) of God, I have decided that I want a final end to all conflicts on planet earth! This being my will, so it is."

Follow this decision with a visualization of these conflicts disappearing once and for all!

See the "Dangerous Guys" you know off as they change their mind about what their real priorities are: Peace, Love, Happiness, and Prosperity for all!


4: Sending them our love:

All the above is familiar and has been done time and again by everybody. But sending our love to the "dangerous guys" is a new concept. As we have said in the introduction, forgiveness and love of our enemies is not intended to show that we are "good guys", it is a condition sine qua non for survival! This has been proved to us right through our history as a race. Forgiveness of our enemies could have prevented all the wars, sufferings, and destructions we have seen right through our history.

Now we are going to apply this to the "dangerous guys" This has already been tried as a curing method to bring extremists in prison back to their normal thinking processes. And it works!!

Place before you a pic­ture of the "dangerous guy". See yourself leaving your body through your crown chakra, above your head, and visiting his spiritual body, and talking to him. Just tell him four phrases:


----"I'm sorry that I'm acting this way. Please forgive me. We certainly don't want to cause any harm to anybody! We are all one – I Love You."


In the science of "Ho' opono pono" the factual explanation is that our spiritual dimension is the same as that of the other. And this means that we will be speaking in his name!!

This may sound ridiculous, even silly. However it is a system that since its discovery has been tried and reused time and again with remarkable success. It is a current curing process inHawaii, but has not yet been applied in modern medicine because of the difficulty of explaining things scientifically! Grin!

On reflection, how can we not love each other when we remember that we are all part of the same spiritual body, just as the cells in our body are all parts of the same human body; it is illogical to think that it is possible that all the cells in our body should not love each other.


5:Asking for help from a parallel world.

As our world is advancing fast spiritually, every new discovery is spreading far and wide like wild fire through the internet. The latest discovery in this connection is about parallel worlds. This was studied by Burt Goldman, and he has found that every important decision a person makess, every decision that changes the course of his life, causes a parallel world to form; and this person continues in each of these parallel worlds making the person or his parallel self succeed or fail, possibly turning to a life of happiness or alternately of failure. Thus this person could continue in his academic studies or turn into an inspired religious leader

So  let us try to turn our world into a parallel world. Or rather let us "jump" from our world into the parallel world we want. Here's how:

Move into the alpha state by counting from ten to one, slowly, while calming your mind, then taking a deep breath and counting slowly from three to one. Now think of your intent and visualize it. For instance, you could visualize a world where unconditional love is the norm or a world where a single religion exists and uses the laws of ethics. Or chose your own intent! Use the ancient Indian technique of raising the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth

See yourself in a hallway leading to a door. Open the door and enter the world of parallel dimensions. Your intent will be visible in your aura. It will attract, by a magnetic type of attraction, the world of your intent.

Now spend the next few minutes thinking powerfully about this world—what it looks like and how people live in it.  Enjoy yourself! WOW! This is beautiful!

While you are in this blissful state, send out your decision:

----"These are the changes I want for my world!"


The point to remember is that we are not alone! We are all part of an infinitely large cosmic universe, ruled by cosmic laws all activated by love, just like positive and negative electricity, and every powerful thought we send out with a mes­sage of love, reacts with the universe, and is acted on. At this stage we do not need to understand all the details. Ex­cept to know and keep remembering that we are all loved beyond measure by the saints around us, who will do anything to help us succeed in our missions.


Actually they stand in awe at our courage and temerity for having chosen to undertake this dangerous mission on earth!


Training ourselves for other missions.

We are all today rulers of our own body, and training ourselves in this relatively simple mission for the larger missions we may later have to undertake such as ruling over a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, or a whole confederation of galaxies.

So perhaps we should start thinking on how to do this.

No, this is not science fiction! Grin! It is a logical deduction!

We know that our body consists of many cells, organs, and dimensions. And each of these cells, organs, and dimensions must logically be ruled and controlled by its own mind, who in its turn forms part of a larger body, ruled by a larger mind!

  Multidimensional Man – Joseph Zaidan - Amazon

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Comment by Eddie Sitting Pretty on April 29, 2012 at 3:00pm

I work with many - seems like I'm always off to work

Comment by RaK on April 29, 2012 at 1:53pm

LOL Eddie... Claudia is a member of our online university, she does the monthly attunements and the Stellar Codes attunements as well. I will certainly talk with the management team about you, if you are really interested in being working with us... Namaste!

Comment by Eddie Sitting Pretty on April 29, 2012 at 12:19am

I would like to be part of the management team here.
What would you like me to do? --
I'll help
I have my eye on you
How do I get attuned ?

Comment by RaK on April 28, 2012 at 8:36pm

Hi Claudia, I have been meaning to talk to you. You did not write to have a feed back about your attunement and also I would like to ask you if you would like to be part of the management group here. I have some stuff I saw during the attunement and I wanted to tell you, but I wanted first to know what did you see in your end , so we could compare notes.

Comment by ametrine on April 28, 2012 at 2:24pm

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