How to Rebuild Your ENTIRE Immune System

With autoimmune diseases on the rise and since it's Spring (the
height of change-of-season illnesses)
 here is a brief summary of all of the members of your immune "army" and how you can help rebuild your ENTIRE immune system to protect you from further illness or disease.

The 6-part army known as your Immune System
1) Mucus membranes
These are your first line of defense when you come into contact with an infection. They guard your main "passageways"--your mouth, nostrils and genital area.
Mucus is usually just a clear, slippery fluid...that is, until it faces off with an infection. Then it becomes thick and cloudy as it traps the invader, stopping its dangerous action inside of you.
That's why you cough, sneeze and get congested when you have a cold. As much of a nuisance as it may be, it's your mucus membranes protecting you.

2) White blood cells (lymphocytes)
These are the "infantry" of your immune system. Your body makes about 12 million of them every single MINUTE.
About 80% of your white blood cells become "T cells." They work together destroying invaders, recruiting other immune cells as needed and eventually cooling down inflammation.
White blood cells travel through your lymph nodes and help remove toxins and cell waste products. When they're in action removing an infection or other threat, your lymph nodes swell and you get the classic "swollen glands."

3) The thymus
This is a gland in your throat just below your thyroid and is where immature white blood cells become T cells. So if it's not working right, chances are you're not getting enough white blood cells for your "infantry" like I described in #2 above.

4) The spleen
Your spleen produces white blood cells, destroys and removes certain bacteria and cleans up old worn out red blood cells.

5) The tonsils
This pair of oval masses of tissue in your throat traps bacteria and particles entering your body through your nose and mouth. Then your immune cells destroy the invaders.
And last but not least...
6) Your gut flora
These humble, hard-working guys line and protect the intestinal tract and keep your gut wall strong. Without their protection, toxins and pathogens could seep through the intestinal wall and into your bloodstream or abdominal cavity.
And as Christine correctly mentioned above, they also get obliterated when you take antibiotics.

Give them all a hand
Every single part of your immune system is important.
Even when just one part is non-existent (as in the case for people who had their tonsils out as a kid) or not functioning properly, you are at a tremendous disadvantage and are FAR more likely to get sick again and again.
The good news is there are strategies to help keep your entire immune army strong, capable and ready to protect YOU the way it's designed to AND help it bounce back from antibiotic treatment.
Here are the...
The Five Surefire Immune Rebuilding Steps
1- Stay away from bad bacteria "chow"
Avoid fast food, processed food, sugars, refined carbs and excessive alcohol consumption.
All of these feed the harmful bacteria in your gut, which makes it easy for them to crowd out your friendly flora and greatly hamper your immune function.

2- Chill out
Stress causes your body's protective mucosal barrier to become less effective at defending against unfriendly bacteria and dangerous pathogens.
That's why many people get sick when they're really stressed -- their bodies literally can't fight off illness as well.
There are many ways to help de-stress: Meditation, exercise, taking up a hobby, counseling, deep breathing, prayer, adopting a pet, volunteer work and seminars, to name a few.

3- Chow down on food for the good guys
It's crucial for the health of your immune system as well as your overall health to eat foods and meals that can be easily digested.
When you focus on consuming good carbohydrates (like whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes), get enough fiber, and have healthy sources of fats and proteins, you not only encourage better digestion but also you help nourish the friendly flora in your gut.
The Great Taste No Pain health system can help make this a snap for you.
In Great Taste No Pain, I show you how to choose good, healthy sources of carbs, fats and proteins, and how to structure meals that are easily digested.
I also explain the dangers of refined, processed foods and bad fats that are literal poisons to your body (and deadly to your immune system).

4- Take a high quality probiotic supplement
This is numero uno for anyone who has taken antibiotics.
If you want to ensure a strong "gut army" you need to recruit enough troops.
And Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula is as good as it gets for recruiting the immune force you need.
Two of the powerhouse strains in Super Shield probiotic formula,
Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus acidophilus, have been shown to be extremely effective in fighting Candida (which is what Christine had) as well as many other dangerous microbes.

And Super Shield's 11 other potent strains support L. rhamnosus and L. acidophilus in keeping your intestinal flora in a healthy balance, ready and able to keep yeast in check, fight off harmful microbes, and strengthen your intestinal walls.

5- Make sure you have enough B12 in your blood
In addition to helping your body generate energy and keeping your thinking sharp and clear, Vitamin B12 is also essential for a strong immune system.
B12 is crucial for the formation of red and white blood cells, which help boost your immune function.
Problem is, many people are deficient in B12 and don't know it. Especially vulnerable are people over age 50, people who take acid reducers, vegetarians and people who have Crohn's, colitis or IBS.
And even if you eat foods that are rich in B12 or take oral supplements, B12 is not easily absorbed through the GI tract.
The easiest way to make sure you have enough is to supplement with an oral spray form of B12 -- like Hydroxaden 2.5.
Each daily dose gives you a full 2.5 mg of B12, comprised of two of the best forms--hydroxocobalamin (which raises your B12 level faster than many other forms) andadenosylcobalamin (the form of B12 most used by your brain).
You spray it right under your tongue and from there it's quickly and easily absorbed right into your bloodstream where it's needed.

Recover and rebuild


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Comment by Coralie Matthews on April 30, 2013 at 7:40pm

Thank you for this very interesting and informative post.

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