I am Isis,

Beloved Ones, I know a lot of you have had a time of great changes within your body temples, your relationships and even your Life purpose however without these changes Ascension would not be happening. I wish for you all to look back 1 year from now and think seriously if those changes have been for your benefit ,if they haven't then relook at your original intentions for yourself and turn it around.

Your journey is yours to create and at all times be your true self because if you alow others to dictate how you must be then you lose touch with your soul's purpose. Your intuition is at it's peak right now and the Universe is whispering to you , so learn to listen to the signs ,they are your signposts to your path.

Your time in this moment now on the earth plane is like no time as time can place limitations upon you and there is an end to any limits or separations, realise you are part of the collective consciousness ,no longer a singular entity. The time has come to end all feelings of being alone for we are guiding you along the way if only you will stop, still your mind ,get out of the way and allow us to be your guiding star.

As Lightworkers its of great importance to keep your light shining bright letting nothing or no-one dim your light, this is why you have come to be here at this time of ascension , to be in the light and work from the light ,to be a help to those who may be lost and have allowed their light to be taken.

Your body temples are just not from this time, it has come from many times and as you are at one with all your lives there comes a time to heal & integrate these lives into one before ascension is complete. You, along with Mother Earth has much to comlete and as with any transformation there are rumbles and clearing for the greater good of the people and planet that must be cleansed of all that is not serving the collective divine purpose. Reach out to each other and be a steady rock for others to cling to in times of uncertainty and conflift, each f you are travelling the same road yet all must do so in their own time.

There is no better or worse, good or bad ,there is simply an Isness to each one of you. The animals are noticing the changes not only from the earth's energy but also of your changes & this is why they are seeming to be very clingy at times ,it is just the uncertainty they are not understanding and yet there is a knowing of your unconditional love that they feel safest with.

Listen and watch your children as they are the advanced appretices of Lightworkers and future Leaders of the new Earth, they have much to teach you as their conditioning is not as set in as most of the human race that have experienced this lifetime and their rememberance of times they have shared many lifetimes with you before.

As you look for the same soul family amongst you, they will start to appear in many different forms such as parents before, Sisters and Brothers of before and the true love that you have been searching for will now start to appear like no other time so that you may ascend together in bliss to enjoy the new Earth of no separation, Law of One once more. Look forward to these final steps and reap the rewards for your diligent hard work that has not gone unnoticed by us in the higher realms.

We nurture those who will trust and allow us to keep you moving forward to a celebration of Oneness like never before in the history of your Planet. I bid you farewell till next time we speak which will be as much as you are willing to accept from us as we are all one in spirit as you are on earth.

My blessings of Love & Peace we wish to all, Yours in sevice always, I am Isis,

Written and channeled by Rosalie Muir @The Crystal Gateway Please share and keep the message as written,

Namaste Rosalie www.thecrystalgateway.org 

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Comment by emma monk on October 3, 2012 at 5:50am

Blessing to you Pauline

Comment by emma monk on October 3, 2012 at 5:33am

Many Blessing to you Isis and to you Rosalie for your beautiful gift , so we all can share the beautiful light and love. Thank you

Comment by Rosalie Muir on September 28, 2012 at 11:49pm

Thanks Pauline, yes I felt that deep within me too, Namaste Rosalie 

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