Intuition- The place I like to call home.

Intuition is like you heart, that deep place within yourself where all your feelings are born. Where Love grows, where inner choices are made, where life is never questioned and comfort is never threatened. It is the silent watcher, constantly being aware of everything! It is the place where your talents are hidden and new discoveries are made.
It is not your Your intuition is not of the ego. It makes no does not think. Your mind asks the questions... "Am I good enough" "Am I in love" " Am I happy". Stop!!! Stop asking and start feeling!!!!!! The answers are already there. Don't think just feel.
If you were ever in a relationship and were not "genuinely" happy...your soul has become broken, has become burnt, It is asking for it's freedom. That is why you go home weeping and feel sorry for yourself...because you have broken a piece of your soul. You start questioning it's integrity.
So... these questions bring me to a place that I have become familiar with these days..." the unknown and the unanswered". It can be quite scary...indeed so. But...somewhere along the lines of not knowing what will happen is within itself... beautiful. Your life will never become boring...the lights in your "home" are always turned on. They are welcoming others to join. To toast to life's unanswered possibilities. No life was ever given a manual...there are no instructions. It is your intuition that will guide you through life. And lose yourself. I have heard this many times..." I lost myself...who Am I...what Am I becoming? This is the mind talking. In your home ( your heart) you have not gone anywhere! You are simply discovering your new feelings. It is new to you...everything that is new is you become more aware of those feelings. It's okay. This happens to most people who are not used to change. Especially changes within themselves.
Love... is the seed to your intuition. It is the foundation of all aspects of life. If you do not have love in your will die. Spiritually you will be dead. I speak only through experiences. But because of the have taking your first step. You are almost there. "Let love be your guiding light" - words from Enigma.

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Comment by Melissa on August 7, 2009 at 12:15am
Actually.. I find it interesting that you wrote the possibility of sin, because I know in my heart that sin can not be classified or categorize by an action...a physical one I mean. But I can see the departing of your soul from "home" become something of a "sin". When you lose apart of your being...your losing apart of GOD. Perhaps this could be left for interpretation. But thanks again for reading. :)

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