It's Not My Nature

feng shuiThe sentence cropping up in this category sound something like this: "I've always been this way; I can't help it," "I was born with these
personality traits," "I've never known any other way to think," and
"Yep, it's my nature, so I'll have to accept it."

Earlier in this book, I explained my understanding of new research demonstrating that your genetic and memetic heredities are capable of being altered. If you're willing to consciously endeavor to change the beliefs that support what you call your nature, you'll discover that the "it's not my nature" excuse is gone.

I firmly believe that your intrinsic self is well equipped to help you fulfill your unique destiny. Just because you have
no recollection of ever having been other than you are today, this
isn't proof that your nature is unchangeable. To once again quote Henry David Thoreau: "It is surprising how much room there is in nature, if a man will follow his proper path." I take this to mean that nature itself
will shift to accommodate you when you being to know your
unquestionable ability to elevate your life. Incorporate Thoreau's
advice and begin to follow your own path. Recognize excuse logic that
sounds like this: "I've always been this way; it's just who I am. I'd
like to change, but how can I change my own nature? It's all I've ever
known, so I guess I'll just have to stay the way I am."

Can you see how this kind of logic keeps you stuck in a life-long thinking
habit? The very fact that you've been a certain way throughout your life
is a perfect reason for encouraging yourself with thoughts such as:
"I'm fed up with being frightened, shy, poor, unhappy, used by others,
condescending, fat, or out of shape. It's all I've ever known, and it
stems from the way I think and the beliefs I've come to accept as
defining my nature. If this is my nature, then I'm going to change it,
beginning right now. Now these are notions that the philosopher Bertrand
Russell could get behind. He wrote: "If human nature were unchangeable,
as ignorant people still suppose it to be, the situation would indeed
be hopeless... what passes as 'human nature' is at most one-tenth
nature, the other nine-tenths being nurture."

So whatever you believe is your nature, allow it to be nurtured the way you'd like it to
be. Nine-tenths of your nature has been learned and adopted as a habit,
and you can coax those old habits down the stairs, one step at a time.

- Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Ha... by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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