Namaste all.  I cannot tell you the truth, only state my perspective and let you, for yourself, feel it in your heart if it is true or not.  There is no doubt in my mind we are living within a fractal 3D holographic universe that is at it's foundation  is based on mathematics and sacred geometry at this low density or vibration.  Most everything is 99.9% nothing.  It is holographic: it is light and sound.  Why does it hurt when you fall?  Does your mind make it real?  No.  We are at the same frequency or resonance of this light that is moving so slow that it is solid in this reality.  How did this light ever become to move so slow?  It is consciousness.  A shared consciousness.  All that dwell here make it so.  We are not in a prison, we are being manipulated to give our energy away by very clever parasites that make it so.  Desperate parasites now.   They very much want you to believe you are in prison, that you have no choice.  As long as they can keep you controlled, they get their free meal on our work & effort.  On our personal evolution of our souls.  Most that modern society deem to be 'aliens' are indeed beings that exist on a different density and/or vibration.  Angels and demons within human history.   I would be very careful when having dealings with ET's...  it's why we are all in this mess in the first place. 

We are entering a space/time where our reality will break down.  As in the Matrix, rules that where concrete will become flexible.  It is up to us individually  as a unique frequency of all that is where we would like to go (fractal).  The more that sway in one way or another will make it more powerful.  More real.  There is a mirror/matrix, but it was never created by others.  It was created by us.  That we can exist and coincide with light moving so slow and be born here and now proves how powerful all of our higher selves working together truly are.   It is others, that have failed to find balance within their own reality that have trespassed into ours that have flipped that power 180 degrees to deceive us to empower them.  I made a oath to the Creator and the Creator alone.  I am.  Of my own free-will I choose to serve the greater good.  I will defend the weak; I will protect the innocent.  With all my heart and soul, so be it.  Don't get me wrong, there must be understanding and respect with other beings, but not at the destruction of our home in which we created using our own energy.   Not if they don't respect and understand us.

That's my say on it, take it or leave it.  The choice has always been with us (hard to believe with how bad things seem right now).  Have faith with that eternal space within your heart...  it leads to your higher self and gives you strength.  It never lies or deceives you for it's own selfish reasons.  It is free and wants you to learn to be free here and now.  With that is the responsibility to yourself, others, and our most giving planet.  There are many beautiful and harsh things about this reality.  It is a duality.  Why did we come so low?  Here and now is not boring...  Lol!  Have faith, a vacation is coming I am sure for us all.  

Whatever you choose, it is your right.  As always, my best to you and yours.  Many blessings.

Much peace, light, and love.

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Comment by Luminessa Enjara on May 27, 2012 at 10:43pm

I am with you on this. I just saw the Matrix again and it is not that far off from the reality that we are told is REALITY.  I am choosing to live in my own power and not in survival to know that I am source and as such a master now.  I am supported, you are supported we are supported.

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