Blessings All ~o~

I just read an email from Humanity Healing about folks getting angry and leaving the site.

This time of Ascension is not about keeping people. It is about creating a space for us all to grow in whatever way is for our highest and best <3

For me this site is not about posting, it is about reading. I come here to read and be uplifted.

I find that when I like or comment about my gratitude for the posting that it is a return of energy, and when I feel compelled I do that <3

What I know for certain:

Anyone who left, it was not a vibrational match any longer, or they would still be here. Trust that the Intentions here are pure and protected, do not let your mind pull you into the day to day experiences of others that does not feel good.

Love yourself enough to feel good as often as you can... that is what we are all doing, learning to do that the very best we can :)

Mountains of Love and Gratitude,


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Comment by Tara Mary on August 15, 2012 at 8:14pm

Hi Megan, I belong to a few websites and post spiritual articles that I feel can assist and uplift others during this tumultuous and ever-changing times!  There are many different reasons for leaving, not all because of the site itself, but disillusioned with the process of ascension itself.  Unfortunately, the internet contains many false claims, false promises, false channelers, etc.

I started using the computer only 4 years ago, never touched one before.  My spirituality was already intact and was awakened to Divine Truth, etc., but when I joined spiritual websites and read of the many false and blatant lies I was totally shocked!  The internet is not the place to learn about one's spirituality, it is within oneself that folks need to travel.   Trying to post truth and the true facts about the process of ascension is extremely difficult, as folks can't see who is sharing or even feel their vibration accurately!  

Many people in the public sector who have no idea about ascension are still awakening bit by bit. It is my job, and many others also, to get around and chat to people and raise the vibes with love and our light.  I am just one of millions doing this, I have no ego about it.

So, I have found on other websites that some people are now turning away from the light because they expected something spectacular to happen by now !!!  Expectations are a huge downfall !!

Life is meant to be lived, and even the Lightworkers who volunteered for this work of love on Earth, do not live in luxury, still suffer pain and economic hardship, and still have chronic diseases, BUT, the spiritual changes within are enormous and we are now in 5D in consciousness, taking this frequency around with us in public places like shopping centers, buses, etc. 

I only share this much to give a wider view, sorry about the length........

I must check my emails now, love and light to you Megan and thanks for being concerned enough to post a Blog about it.  Namaste ~ Tara Mary. 

Comment by Ann on August 15, 2012 at 6:07pm

What a thoughtful, kind, & loving blessing you have shared (((Megan))).  Thank you for your sweetness~

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