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Here is the link to view the video on the topic of global change from next month if the prophecy is right, I do not know either if is it so! Just in case the prophecy will fulfilled, better to be prepared. Watch this video ,

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Comment by Moreh/Rabbi Richard Fulk on June 23, 2015 at 5:31pm

Brother, in my own faith Messianic Netzari, and in all religion, the veil is being lifted on many such as and including myself, that some main points stick out in all faiths that just don't jive so to say. Examples are as follows: in all faiths, these scriptures point to Control, making sure the participants or followers are always aware that if they falter from the said faith in Sin, they will not be allowed that salvation if especially they aren't willing to continually OBEY their government or king, which is something that throughout time from the times of Thoth or Hermes, he instructed his students to create some 50,000 years ago, religion and cloak his teachings behind a veil of symbols and secrets so that only those whom had been initiated into his teaching would be allowed the understanding of his great wisdom as he was not of the planet earth but was of those whom came to earth to mold earth for a future awakening, in Our time. Thank you for sharing this video very enlightening to say the least. Oh even Thoth said at the end of time when his ship which is hidden at a dead end behind a wall in a certain pyramid that of which is the great pyramid that he states plainly in the emerald tables that he himself built you could and would find his ship to combat what was to come from other worlds in future times.

Namesta and pray you will add me as your friend. Shalom, Love, Light and Blessings I project from my soul unto yours! 

Comment by sagenhoney on September 12, 2011 at 11:22am

Thank you for posting the video Roberto - very informative and creative.

The good news is that according to calender we are already past the 5th day and night and now on the 6th day. One more night to undergo, which I assume doesn't have the same intensity as the previous one.

We must center ourselves and go within and have faith and an understanding that energy has no only just changes form.


* Great pic, but I would suggest omitting the good/evil part. It's just the illusion of duality.....we choose whether to break free from it.


Comment by Patricia L Allen on September 11, 2011 at 8:51pm

This is a meditation guided by Mooji...he will point you straight to your real self, where all these things we hear & see are put into peaceful awareness. Thank you Roberto, for sharing. :)

Comment by maria angelica sassone on September 11, 2011 at 7:17pm

lo roberto

how are you thanks

god bless you

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