Message to Beloved Ones by Julie Redstone

Message to the Beloved Ones from the Realms of Light

Feb. 5, 2013

Julie Redstone

Beloved Ones,

It is the right of every person to be in charge of his or her energy. This right is given as a fundamental right of incarnation and a property of being a soul on Earth. Yet this right is being compromised now by the intrusion into the Earth's atmosphere of a vast amount of negative energy not generated by human beings, but by forces that would oppose not only the expansion of light as it has been taking place thus far, but the great leap forward that is about to take place in the very near future.

The presence of these negative forces lays like a cloud upon the Earth itself, not a cloud that may be seen in an open sky, but a cloud that hangs close to the body of the Earth, making it impossible to breathe freely, making it impossible to breathe in the pure light that is part of the ascension process and part of what changes the nature of life on Earth itself. This cloud of negative energy cannot succeed in its purpose. It cannot prevent the leap forward that the inhabitants of the Earth and the Earth itself is about to take. But it can create, even while that happens, a disturbance in the bodies, emotions, and energy bodies of those living on the Earth so they are distracted from what is happening that is of light, and begin to pursue other directions and purposes. The intent of this cloud of energy is to obscure and cover the holy purpose with which each human being who is present on the Earth today has come here, and to substitute both a false sense of security with things as they are, and also a greater tolerance for things that are not of the light but of darkness than would be the case if the cloud of oppositional energy was not there.

In order to divert people from their true and holy purpose, new energies that have not been felt before can be introduced onto the world stage and onto the stages of each individual life, energies that create the illusion that what is wrong is right, and that it makes no difference if these energies are acted out. The creation of moral indifference to the actions which are not of the light but of darkness has already begun in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and its effect can spread like wildfire, creating a conflagration that bursts into flame all of a sudden, unexpectedly, and without warning. This conflagration, produced by forces of opposition to the expansion of light, cannot succeed in its purpose, but it can create havoc, and upset, and great distress for a while, and it can, especially when it operates on the world stage, create an opening for forces of darkness to enter the Earth's consciousness still further, to create even more havoc.

The time for this to happen is very short, and the preparation for that time has already begun by forces that would oppose the expansion of light on Earth. You are being called, each and every one who is here in a body, to respond to this energetic 'pull' away from truth with re-doubled efforts to anchor in the truth of light and of holiness, and to realize that what is going on, no matter what havoc and disorganization it causes for a time, can only be temporary. For God's plan for the Earth is ultimately unassailable. It cannot be changed. And thus no matter what forces of opposition may strive to create within human hearts, it cannot achieve its ultimate goal. Be certain, then, beloved ones, even as you hear this and cling to truth, that light is ever stronger than darkness and that a way through all difficulty shall be provided for those who seek the peace and safety of the light. This way will exist in full sight, open to all, yet it must be chosen as well. It must be chosen by the desire of the heart to follow God's light and to pursue the truth of one's own deepest heart.

We, who are with the Earth during this time of transition are guiding the way and helping to open the way for all to follow as the time of trouble falls more clearly upon the Earth.

All blessings to you, beloved ones, for you have chosen to be here during this time of difficulty, and it is because of your steadfastness in relation to God and light that you will succeed. All blessings, love, and gratitude to you from those everywhere who serve the light.

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