Recently I've been taken out by friends to perform alms offerings at 9 temples, and came across a few surprises along the way...

In the temple I live, with the exception of a few monks and nuns, people are generally well off since alms are given here on a regular basis and many monks & nuns still have families who look after them...

That is not the case in the temples that surround us....

One of the unexpected surprises that greeted me two days ago, was a well-known temple, not far from where I live...

Macaws and other parrots, mostly African Grays, have found a safe shelter to live out their long lives. For those of you who are not aware of it, such birds can live to be a 100 years old!! It was heart-breaking to see birds, usually over 40 years old, in appalling condition. Their usually bright colored feathers were dull and many of the macaws had no tails. This is a stress related problem. Having had close ties with this bird from a previous life, it left me in tears to see the individual circumstances of these birds. The temple has done a beautiful job of building cages that were not only strong enough for the powerful beaks of these birds, but that were of a reasonable size for such a large bird. They had not been at the temple for very long and seemed happy enough. Since I was with 3 other people, I was unable to find out more about this new refuge for abandoned and abused parrots.

On my next visit I intend to go armed with fruits and seeds, and also to speak to the monks and find out who is responsible for taking care of these powerful and beautiful parrots....

It is another Buddhist sanctuary for the less fortunate and it was refreshing to find that dogs and cats are not the only ones to receive such care... 

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Comment by Ann on February 25, 2012 at 10:00am

I would love to help these precious birds so maybe Liane can give me instructions how to send a small amount of money or seed food itself to you Margo.  Blessings of peace & good health I send to you blessed one.  namaste, Ann.

Comment by Mae Che Margo on February 23, 2012 at 10:45pm

As usual...both you and Dominique are a constant surprise to me and the only thing that is giving me the strength  to fight for what I still need to do...I think that the parrots that I saw yesterday, also deserve to be photographed....the whole experience left a very deep impression on me...

Hope the posts I sent you on facebook are helpful???  The merit received from educating monks & nuns who somehow got stuck halfway, is very significant to all concerned.. BTW...I asked Dominique for your or his address. I want to send you something that will lift blockages and be of great help to both of you... I wanted to send it framed at first, but knowing that the glass would probably be broken in the mail, I decided against it...

Comment by RaK on February 23, 2012 at 10:33pm

Hey Margo, I am planning to send you with the next package a digital camera for you to take pictures of everything there, including the nuns, because of our time I go out, which is rarely, but  it will come, just you wait!

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