My cousin died, but it was a wasp who taught me how to grieve and the Stellar Codes Attunements

My cousin died not too long ago. It was not expected and he was young. The funeral was out of state and I had to drive overnight to make it, as I had found out late about the date. On the way there, I had a flat tire and was not able to drive the rest of the way to the funeral. I felt sad that I had not been able to be there, but was unable to really grieve my cousin's passing. Something happened a few days later that changed everything. ... I was sitting on my patio having a lunch. A wasp came and sat on my lap, seeming friendly. While I have butterfly, moth (night butterfly), dragonfly, and many other insect friends, I have never befriended a wasp. Well, this wasp took me by surprise. I put him next to my plate, but brought out a bag of lavender for him to walk on, thinking that he might like the scent. His legs were dragging, so I guess he was a bit old. I brought some water for him to drink from a saucer. Not long after, he started to die. I put him in my hand and tried to give him water, but he died anyway. It is the first time that an insect has picked me to die with. I cried and cried, so sad about it. At the time, I thought that it was odd that I could cry for a wasp who I had just met and could not cry for my cousin. Maybe I am closer to the wasp. I do not know. I thought maybe the wasp came to me to help me to grieve my cousin... I am not sure, but I really appreciate the wasp for choosing me to share his last moments. It is not nice to die alone and with me there, the wasp was not alone. We are not alone, either, here on Earth, even though we sometimes feel like it. Love surrounds us every single minute of the day.

Later that evening, I had my Spica Stellar Code attunement with Liane and Chris and it was awesome. During the attunement, I invited my friends, including dolphins, whales, trees, fairies, and any friends from other planets and stars. Well, there were so many loving friends there... I was almost crying, it was so lovely. There was wave after wave of love and light energy. Even though I could not see them, I knew they were there. They helped me, too, to grieve my cousin. Thank you, lovely friends!

If you have not been involved in the Stellar Code attunements, I would urge you to learn more about them. Since I have started the attunements in August, I have noticed a big difference in the amount of light energy that I am receiving from my friends. Yesterday morning, in fact, I saw streams of white light rays with my own eyes coming to my hands from above. I know this is because of the attunements. I hope that everyone who feels moved to do so will learn more... You can go to humanity healing main site to learn more.

Much Love to everyone! :)

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Comment by Leyla on March 19, 2017 at 7:49pm

You were grieving for your cousin through the wasp. You transferred it.

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