Hi everyone,
My Spirit Guide NAJA NASA is always with me. He is constantly sending me messages of enlightenment.
This is part 3 of my enlightenment message.

I first need to preface, that everyone has their own belief system, as it should be. I was raised Catholic, but after my "OBE Experience" ( read my previous blogs ) I saw things differently and did NOT believe in a punishing God among other things.

At this current time there is a great struggle among those who are in the Malevolent side : greed, corruption, apathy, materialism, power, the insanity of war, Man inhumanity to Man. Those in the realm of "Benevolent side" : Love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, caring, kindness, respect and Love for Humanity and Nature etc ... The "Malevolent side" does NOT want us to continue our "spiritual growth" and "enlightenment" because they will loose control and will not be able to continue their life style and power.

In my opinion, many of the Religions are filled with blockage of spiritual growth by teaching concepts that do not allow for us to freely advance in our Spiritual quest. They talk about a punishing God that will send us to Hell if we don't repent. And for those who are subservient to these religious belief systems, these are blocks from continued Spiritual growth and enlightenment.

In my awareness and what I was told by my “Spirit Guide" there is NO Heaven or Hell, punishment, reward, or even Karma.

What there is, is a continued quest of further development We all have the Spiritual Energy ( LOVE ) of what is called "The Universal Self",  that is within us. We are NOT less than, defective, sinners that need to repent, but rather we need to Learn from our mistakes so that we can continue our Journey.

Of course many will have to repeat  levels in order to learn ( Spiritual Principles and life action that reflect those "Principals" ).I was told that WE are magnificent and splendid entities of consciousness and spirituality that can attain spiritual growth beyond any thing that we can imagine, and ... "Cosmic knowledge" ! We are "The Children of the Cosmos".

You may want to listen to my Song : "Children of the Cosmos", here.

I will say that their are Entities in the Universe that have both technology and spirituality (Benevolent side) and just like in "Star Wars" are in constant battle with the "Predators".


These predators who are Entities of high technology but are in the Malevolent side want to consume us. It is the Entities of of high technology and spirituality on the Benevolent side that have been protecting us from invasion The predators were instrumental in assisting in the developments of Nuclear fusion and Weapons of mass destruction which can have a devastating effect on our Human and Natural Cluster. For example, HIROSHIMA.

As you may have figured out these predators are here infusing the insanity of the desecration of human life.
The good news is that a great movement of Spirituality is taking place as we speak. It is going to be a battle ... the predators don't want to let go of us. ... They want to continue oppression on Human Beings and not allow us to continue our Spiritual growth so they can have control and live their life of power and control. But Benevolence will prevail at the end.

...to be continued


Take care, Hector

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Comment by Hector R Contreras on October 1, 2012 at 12:58am

I see that many (21) people visited  my site. But only ONE PERSON made a comment!!??  Why is that????

Comment by Tara Mary on September 28, 2012 at 5:45am

Yes Hector, we are forging ahead, holding the space of Light and Love  ~

thank-you for sharing your experience, and please give my love to your guide,

Blessings of light, peace and love, Tara *~~

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