I'm not sure how to start this blog post. It's the obligatory "this is my story" post. I could start it "once upon a time" but seeing how every story starts with this line it's over rated and done with as are "Once upon a time in a galaxy far far way". So I guess I'll start it sooner or later when I decide on how to start my story and after I think of a title for this blog post. :D.

I've been an abductee and contactee for 10 yrs now. Maybe more maybe less 10 yrs is more of when I first became aware of what was going on. I had the grand spiritual awakening when I went to get a new pair of baker pants at the nursing uniform store.

There was a little coffee tea reading room. I thought "Cool, I go there for a cup of tea while I wait for my pants to hem" So I walked and it wasn't what I expected, because I wasn't expecting a new age shop I was expecting it to be something else. Wow, I look at what I was then and now and I've done a lot of growing up. So I stood there at the counter and ordered my tea noticing they did tea leaf readings. I had one done because just like now curiousity will always get the best of me. LOL The reading was interesting. I can't remember what it was about but she hit it dead on which amazed me enough to keep on going back.

I ended up in the long run taking classes and building my skills. I had the skill this whole time I just didn't know what I was capable of let alone how to control it or use it.

So with that in mind my first experience (during a guided meditation classs) with a spirit guide landed me in a garden. Gods it was beautiful and felt like "home" to me. Sometimes I hate talking about it because some people say "you watch to much sci fi you watch to much anime you watch to much t.v. and read to much" but to tell you the truth I don't care anymore what people think these are my experiences and no one can take that way from me. The guided meditation class was called the Kaballah Patchwork. We were doing the moon sphere I think if I remember correctly it's Yesod? or Hod? I can't remember I just remmeber it was the moon sphere. The garden was beautiful I swear it had every flower imaginable there.

I heard someone call my name but it wasn't my name (stacia) it was a differnt name (alanna) When she called me by this name I looked up and there was a beautiful lady with milky white skin, long silver hair, and icy blue eyes. She wearing a long Renaissance gown spun of silver the kind with the flowing bell sleeves. I ran to her and hugged her and called her "mommy" She smiled down on me with those icy blue eyes and I felt frozen in place as she bent down to kiss me I felt the icy melt and was filled with this warmth like swimming in the middle of the sun. When I opened my eyes I was dressed like her and there was her mark on my forehead.

We walked for a while and she told me it was time to choose my path. As we got closer there was 3 paths. I split myself into 3 because being me I wanted to see it all. LOL She said sternly "No, you can only choose one path" So I choose the middle path. She smiled proudly at me producing a silver bow and arrow. Pulling back she released the arrow into the air and the meditation was over. My teacher was puzzled that wasn't anything on or close to being what was on the meditation tape that night however she did tell me that the middle path is the path of the mystic. The right path is the path of the teacher the left path is that of the student or it could be the other way around this happened almost 10 yrs ago. LOL

The new age shop visits and classes started back in 1999-2000. I went to SC for a year in 2001 when I came back from Charleston, SC it was a dark time in my life there. I had a roommate that was psychotic and bragged about being clinically insane. I had a roommates that pitted us against each other and I was stuck in the middle with no where to go that school year. One of the room mates lured me in with promises of being a "teacher" to me and the psychopath. The psychopath had gifts that she used subconsciously. It's not a fun thing to wake up from a nightmare of your room mates in her boy friend's SUV and they're all trying to run you down or wake up from the psychopath strangling you in your dreams and as you wake up seeing the psychopath's feet dangling over your head. To this day I can't watch the movie "The Craft" with out thinking about them because that was their favorite movie.

Sadly, when you think your friends with someone you don't see all the crap that blocks you until after you or they leave. I think the visions and visits started about then that I recognized. I was waking up one morning and someone was telling me about gateways and chosen ones. I can't remember all the lines. Something about "The gateway will open when the chosen one is awakened?" something like that. I can't remember it now. I think the whisper said something about a key too.

I came back to FL a week after 9/11 happened. That's when the dreams started with the Lady from the meditation. She normally interrupted my dreams and took me back to the garden. I loved the garden. I use to talk to a friend of mine that helped nudge me awake and he finally asked "have you every seen whats past that garden." If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have noticed the wall or the island that I was being taken to. The lady use to tell me things. She told me I was to young to remember what happened. However, I needed to wake up, I needed to remember it was important to remember.

She told me about the gateways how once a long time ago two worlds were so close to each other that you could easily cross over from one place to the next. However, something happened there was a great war between the factions and the gateways had to be closed until a time they could be reopened again. The ones that were stuck here lived out their days and died. Eventually, they reincarnated but their soul remained the same. They eventually forgot who they were where they came from. The only remember being human now but one day, the gateway will open and they will remember who they were and what they were.

About March of 2002 I think that's about right it was Spring time. I had a dream of a great council room it was huge and beautiful. About the only way I can describe it was if anyone has seen SW phantom menace and the senate room. Think that big but Greek /Roman. no floaty seats but tiers of pews. There's a bottom section on the floor that's pews too. But they are for the people to watch that aren't involved the spectators if you will but spectators can participate if they're stubborn enough. LOL In the middle, are the sands. It's a big round spot there's a platform with a long table, a column on each side behind the table with a curtain between the columns so the columns are holding up the curtains. The ring leaders of the Council on High sat at this table but they got orders from someone else. They are there more for protocol. There's a gong that brings the people together, there's a well for viewing, and a platform for people to talk.

I remember that night I was on the grounds in the 3rd row of pews. There was a big fat man talking. I got mad. I sat up and protested. I was told to sit back down. So I did. He continued to talk. I got mad again, protested and warned a second time not talk out of turn. So I did. Someone else started talking now. They were talking about Earth and I didn't like what they were saying both of them. So when I went to stand up I woke up from the dream. LOL

Stubborn as I am. I went back to sleep. I appeared at the double doors and woke up as I touched them. This went on alllll night. LOL When I woke up the last time from the alarm this time. There was a fat bald man in a toga in the corner of my room amused. He told me that he hasn't seen one of my kind so damn stubborn to get back in in a long long time.:) So after that I was welcomed back in . Until I got in trouble again and ended up spending my nights for a while in a "school room" learning anger management.

I ended up after that week seeing the semi bald toga man again. He looked down at me giving me the "father" look and says "Well, what do you have to say for yourself" I told him sweetly. "I'm sorry, I'll be a good girl from now on." he chuckled and shook his head and allowed me to come back.

The Council on High is with all races from all planets. Grays, Reptilian, Angelic, everyone even the ones that became extinct. They decide what happens, when it happens and where it happens. It's not just Earth it's all planets. They see Earth as a school and even "The School" is part of the Great Game. It formed after the Great War. Treaties were made and the council was formed.

It was after I started going to the Council on High that I started getting visited.

I started seeing my scientist guy. He was short (I'm 5 ft he came to my knees) wore a lab coat, had bushy white hair and a white mustache. That first night he told me they were coming they just had a long ways to go and to tell everyone I could. He took me to see Saturn rise that night he also met me on the inside of a pyramid. He told me they were looking for something. I had the feeling it was important what they were looking for. He told me that one couldn't exist without the other and I think there was something about one of them exploding if they couldn't find it in time. I asked if I could drive his ship because he took me to the deck of this great big ship with a huge bridge. He chuckled and I woke.

I think my only problem with my scientist guy is that he came to me when I was asleep so most people blow off my story as just dreams. They forget that some people are taken when they're asleep or that these beings are highly advanced and trained in the arts that we has humans have forgotten over time. Our psychic abilities are natural abilities that have been forgotten because over time people here have forgotten or it has become taboo to use and considered evil.

He came to me every 2 yrs and taught me and showed me technology. I remember once standing in a cargo hold with a group of poeple and looming over us were these two Egyptian styled god statues. There was something in the statues that was important. We were trying to get into the statues. Something happened I can't remember what but I noticed something on the statue and we got what we were trying to find.

I remember getting to drive one of the personal crafts. It was spade shaped solid black and flat at the top with a hatch. The bottom had a bulge where you stored cargo and passengers. I had to lay down in the hatch at the top to drive it. The hatch contained this goo that held the pilot together because traveling that fast without the goo is dangerous and they would pretty much go splat before the trip was over. The pilot created a neural link with the ship so when it thought up it went up etc etc.

I remember one time he took me to a pyramid and there was these glyphs all on the wall they weren't from Earth as far as I could tell. I didn't know if we were on Earth for that matter. He said he found it and I had the correct DNA pattern to open it. So I put my hand on the panel and a white doorway appeared. We went through the doorway and we ended up somewhere else.

After that, there was one time he came and I remember digging in the sands in a desert. I remember the walls of sand were high over our head, and the heat of the sun. He looked at me and told me "Dig Orion up." then as I awoke "Set Orion free" I dislike talking about this part because people always say I watched that WIll Smith Movie MIB too much. Didn't care for that move. I enjoyed it but thought it was lame. Sorry love Will Smith but that movie sucked....both of them.

I got to go inside an untouched tomb with him once. It was beautiful inside and very well preserved. The walls told a story about a war. There was cat statues and vases intact all around us. In the back of room there was a sarcophagus it was made of this black metal that absorbed our light rather then reflect it. On the top rather then a pharaoh face there was a cat face.

I normally see my scientist guy every 2 yrs but something happened and the next time he communicated with me it was a whisper in my head. He told me that they were here but they were just reaching our solar system. They had taken on damage after a fight. I saw a vision of the ship badly damaged and pulling two other ships in their group.

My friends and I do alot of remote viewing and we decided to astral travel to the scientist guy because we figured if he was coming to me he I could get to him through our connection to each other. So we tried it and we scared the poor little guy. He was in the middle of fixing the communication devices. When we went up there I caught my refection in something and I was wearing a uniform and it felt like it was only worn by a high rank. I can't remember what it looked like now but I remember the feeling that I got when I saw it was I was important here.

I think that was the last time I saw my scientist guy. He came to me one last and told me he wasn't able to see me again. Something about being transferred or a promotion. I can't remember but I haven't seen him since.

There was one other thing outside my scientist guy though. One time I had a dream I was putting pennies on a train track and this beam of light from the sky came. THe dream switched and I was in a ufo. The light was bluish green in tint (more blue then green) The walls had gaps for doors and each door way had a number on it. I remember seeing the number 52 as i passed it.

I could feel myself going in a spiral like a labyrinth. It opened out to a middle section that had a panoramic view of Earth. It was beautiful as I looked out the window. There was also two beings in the middle of the room. One was short a bit taller then the scientist guy.was wearing a lab coat. He looked like he had an upside down triangle for a head, small eyes, small mouth and looked like he had blueish fur but it could of been the lighting. The one standing next to him had a lab coat on two. He looked like a gray but was taller, paler and more slender so he might of been a hybrid.

I know I"m rambling but there's so much more. LOL

I get visions and whispers all the time. I use to work 3rd shift by myself as a baker. I would be working and then I would all of a sudden realize I was having a conversation with someone but hte minuet I realized this the conversation stopped and I would forget what I was talking about. I can tell when I"m going to visited I can feel them watching me. I know that sound paranoid but I'm not I think of it more like "well, time to go to work" mainly becuase I get visted now on a daily basis.

In 2005 I left my fiance and moved to my sister's house. One night I was laying in my room and saw one looming in the room in the corner. It looked like it was bigger then the room because it was hunched over waiting for me to go to sleep. I could make out the outline of him but that's it. no details.

One thing that always to this day and just about the only thing that scares me are when I have the dreams of screaming and nothing comes out of my mouth I hate that. I've had dreams where I am in my bed and there's people? surrounding my bed and it feels like my astral body is being ripped out of my body. I hate that. You would think they would just come up to the door and knock for crying out loud I'm use to seeing them in my dreams after all. Yet I know if they came to my door I'd probably pass out. LOL I watched a video of a woman talking about her abduction experience and talking about how with her they had to speed up her vibration it makes me wonder if thats what they had to do with me at first. Because I remember as my body separated from my body I would feel like electric energy is running through my body. Just a thought nothing more.

I moved to Jacksonville for year and it never stopped there. My friend that I moved in with was an abductee as well. She has story she likes to tell because one night one of the little suckers was clumsy and tripped over her bedroom floor lamp waking her up and her at the time boyfriend. I'm not sure if they were dropping off or picking up that night but it's an amusing tale to tell. :D

While I was living with her, I was at work one day. Someone asked me what I did to my arm. I looked down and there was what can only been described as needle marks on my inner arm at the elbow yet there was no broken skin. The shape was three blood blots under the skin and small itty bitty dots forming a circle. You could tell I had blood taken but there was no entry points. I showed my room mate at the time and she suddenly remembered that I said "ouch" in her dream as I was sitting on a table getting a blood sample for a physical.

Lately, I watched my bedroom door close it's self. It was weird. The door was shut tight when I went to bed. I heard it latch I jiggled it to make sure it was closed because lately just as I 'm waking up I see the door open and I can see the next room. That day, I woke up I saw the door start to shut I quickly grabbed my glasses propped myself up and sure enough the door was opened. It was the coolest weirdest thing in the world. LOL

I think thats enough for now If I write anymore It will be a novel. LOL If you read this thank you for taking the time to read this it was a lot of work typing this out for what I hope is your enjoyment. :)
There's more there's lots more but I think it's time for bed now and if I continue then I'd have to start writing a book. :)

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Comment by Merilyn on February 2, 2009 at 2:01am
Thank you for taking the time to post your story Choshu. I don't know if you realize it but you would be helping a lot of people by talking about your experiences.
Comment by Mark Seebach on February 1, 2009 at 4:03am
when you are ready, I will read.....just one question, if you have felt that you are of high rank and have reunited with a mother figure, how is this abduction? It would seem that you have consented, on some level of your being. Contactee seems to be a label that fits well, if you are in need of a label, that is. Just my impression, mind you, and not a definitive one.

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