my walk through the biblical gardens

I went to the biblical gardens in Alta Sierra today. It’s 2.5 miles away and I had never been there lol
I got out of the truck and heard the rushing stream and thought, “yeah, I’m going to like this”. You walk on nicely manicured paths and there are plaques of uplifting scripture, and a few statues too. I as wandered down the shady lane I see most the foliage is natural, there are a few plants added for color, but all in all is a very pretty sight.

I stopped at the outdoor chapel, and sat on a stone bench. There was a large stained glass cross, and some other stained glass pictures. As I sat there alone listening to the rushing water, it felt like others were crowding near me, and I could feel pressure like hands on my shoulders, it was comforting and weird at the same time. I sat there for a while and just enjoyed the scenery and the sounds of the water. I said a prayer of thanks and got up and walked the rest of the path. Most of it is very nicely done, although some of the statuary wasn’t my cup of tea. I wound my way up to the top; there were look outs and benches all along the trail. It is a very lovely walk. As I got to the top there was a very large wooden cross with a crucified image of Christ carved on it. The work was very well done, and it brought sadness to my heart. All I kept thinking is no one should die that way. What kind of people think of things like that. I bothers me that there are minds out there that can think such a thing is okay.

I finished the walk and then started back up the trail again till I found a bench that afforded a beautiful view of the creek, and I took a seat and pondered.

I sit there and just be still for a while, loving being outside and in such beautiful scenery. My crown started to tingle as it often does these days. I am still no sure what it is, some say its someone thinking about you, some say it’s an opening to the Devine, others just say it’s nothing. I have no idea. But thoughts come unbidden about the crucifixion and the crown of thorn on Jesus’s head. If it is a link to the Devine, what a horrible thing to have it stopped with something as painful as a crown of thorns, to be separated from God in such a manner.
His hands were stilled. He was unable to give, to help. No work could be done, nothing accomplished to help another. This too would have been torture to Christ, as His place was one of healing and helping. Again something that called His purpose stopped.
His feet were bound to the post. He was unable to go to those in need, he was immobile and unable to seek His calling. Bound in one spot but still helped the thief on the cross next to him. They did not still His tongue. He did what He could while He could.
Finally the spear in His side, the life flow of blood, the stilling of the heart, unable to love His fellow man. His life force leaving Him slowly, knowing His work was not done, knowing there were many more that needed to feel His love.

All things of great pain to be sure, but it was more than that. It was the knowing that He had been stilled. Think about it, He gave until He died. But our hands aren’t stilled; we can still lift up another, physically, in prayer, in deed. Our feet not stilled, we can go to those that need help, go where needed in whatever capacity is needed. We have nothing separating us from the Devine; we are open to God and his love, energy and word. We are not losing our ability to love; it is open and available to share to all. Nothing is stopping us from being the best we can be. Seems it is another reminder from the cross. There is NOTHING stopping us from sharing God’s greatest gift. Love.

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Comment by Wonder on October 30, 2011 at 10:11pm
Thanks Mark... it was quite an experience for me, I am honored you see what I mean :)
Comment by Mark Seebach on October 30, 2011 at 9:51pm
Thank You, {{{Tammie}}}, for sharing your journey this day, and everyday. This "understanding", resonates within my heart and is very inspirational.

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