THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS GOES THROUGH MANY UPS AND DOWNS. It is a hilly track. Nothing has gone wrong with you -- it is just that YOU ARE NOT ACQUAINTED WITH HOW THE PATH MOVES. Many times it goes down, just to go higher than before. It passes through valleys to reach to the peaks, and each peak is just a beginning of a new pilgrimage -- because a higher peak is ahead of you. But to reach to the higher peak, you will have to go down again. ONCE YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD that it is natural, all your misery, all your clouds will simply disperse. You have been doing perfectly well. So the first thing to be remembered is: NEVER BE WORRIED WHEN DAYS OF DOWN-GOING COME; keep your eyes always on the faraway stars. Those valleys are parts of the mountains. You cannot take the valleys away and leave the mountains alone. Once this sinks deep into you, YOU WILL PASS THROUGH THE VALLEYS DANCING AND SINGING, knowing perfectly well that a higher peak is waiting for you. And there is no end to this pilgrimage. Just as every day is followed by night, EVERY HEIGHT IS FOLLOWED BY A DOWN-GOING. One has to learn not only to rejoice in the day, but to rejoice in the night too -- it has its own beauty. THE PEAKS HAVE THEIR GLORY, THE VALLEYS HAVE THEIR RICHNESS. But if you become addicted to the peaks only, you have started choosing, and any consciousness that starts choosing gets into trouble. REMAIN CHOICELESS... AND WHATEVER COMES, ENJOY IT as a part of natural growth. The night may become even darker... BUT THE DARKER THE NIGHT BECOMES, THE CLOSER IS THE DAWN. So rejoice in the darkening night, and learn to see the beauty of darkness, of the stars... because in the day, you will not find those stars. AND NEVER COMPARE what has been, and what should be, and what is. WHAT IS HAS TO BE REJOICED.... You may be going away from me, but I am not going away from you. You will find me in your joyful moments, and you will find me in your sad moments. A LIFE WHICH KNOWS NO SADNESS, NO TEARS, REMAINS POOR. Life has to know all the varieties of experiences to be rich. The more you know different aspects of existence, and still keep yourself together and centered, the more your life will find itself becoming richer and richer every moment, every day. Going away is just a means of coming back again. How can you come back if you don't go away? ALWAYS LOOK AT LIFE AS A DIALECTICAL PROCESS. Here, night brings the day. Here, death brings a new life. Here, sadness brings a new rejoicing. Here, emptiness brings a new fulfillment. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TOGETHER... it is part of one organic whole. WE CREATE PROBLEMS BY DIVIDING THINGS. Learn the art -- not to divide, but simply to remain alert, watchful, enjoying whatsoever life provides... You are here with me; you will be.... with me -- because MY BEING WITH YOU IS NOT A PHYSICAL AFFAIR. It is a love affair -- which knows no distances of time, no distances of space. Wherever you are, you will find me. IN WHATEVER SITUATION YOU ARE, YOU WILL FIND ME. Just remember one thing: ACCEPT EVERYTHING THAT LIFE GIVES TO YOU. If it gives you darkness, enjoy it -- dance under the stars in the dark night, remembering that every night is nothing but a womb for a new dawn, and every day is going to rest again in the darkness of the night. WHEN IT IS FALL AND THE TREES BECOME NAKED, and all the foliage falls down, just watch the old leaves in the wind flying... in the forest, almost dancing. And the naked trees have a beauty of their own against the sky. But they are not going to remain naked forever. The old leaves have fallen... just to give place for new leaves, new flowers. EXISTENCE GOES ON RENEWING ITSELF EVERY MOMENT. You should keep in tune with existence, never ask otherwise. THAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF MISERY: when it is night, you cry for the day; when it is day, you cry for the rest of the night. Then life becomes a misery, a hell. YOU CAN MAKE IT A PARADISE BY JUST ACCEPTING whatever is given to you with a grateful heart. Don't judge whether it is good or bad. Your gratefulness will transform everything into a beautiful experience, and will deepen your awareness, will heighten your love, will make you a beautiful flower with great fragrance. BUT JUST LEARN THE ART OF TOTAL ACCEPTANCE. Gautam Buddha calls this the philosophy of thusness: WHATEVER IS, ACCEPT IT AS THE NATURE OF REALITY. Don't even imagine to go against it. Never go against the current; just follow the river wherever it leads. Two tramps sat with their backs against a tree. "You know, Jim," the first tramp mused, "this business of tramping your way through life is not what it is cracked up to be -- wandering, unwanted everywhere, sneered at by your fellow man." "Well," observed the second tramp, "if that's the way you feel about it, why don't you go and find yourself a job?" "What?" exclaimed his friend, "and admit that I'm a failure?" NEVER ADMIT THAT YOU ARE A FAILURE. The secret of thusness, the secret of total acceptance, is the secret of absolute success; you cannot fail. THERE IS NO POWER ANYWHERE THAT CAN MAKE YOU A FAILURE. Because even in failure, you will be dancing and rejoicing. TRANSFORM EVERY OPPORTUNITY into something creative and beautiful. I don't want you to get the illusory idea of remaining permanently in the same state of mind; that is possible only if you are dead. IF YOU ARE ALIVE, CLIMATES WILL CHANGE, SEASONS WILL CHANGE; and you have to learn through winters, through summers, through rains. And you have to pass through all these seasons with a dance in your heart, KNOWING PERFECTLY WELL THAT EXISTENCE IS NEVER AGAINST YOU. So whatever it gives... it may be bitter, but it is a medicine. It may not taste sweet to you in the beginning... but finally you will find it has given you something which just one state of mind could not have given to you. SO WHATEVER IS HAPPENING IS GOOD... TAKE IT EASY. This will not stay, this will also change -- but don't make any effort to change it. Leave it up to existence. This is what I call trust. Existence is wiser than you, and will provide you with all the opportunities needed for your growth. OSHO The New Dawn. Ch #2: Sanity is just boring am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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Comment by Diadrj Calia on August 2, 2012 at 3:46am

I see that everyday.....mostly around me....the best is not judge anything and go ahead with love and acceptance for oneself and for others.....

Comment by Diadrj Calia on August 1, 2012 at 5:44pm

Are you referring to some specific case of distortion? 

Comment by Diadrj Calia on July 30, 2012 at 9:34am

I really like when he says: "JUST LEARN THE ART OF TOTAL ACCEPTANCE. Gautam Buddha calls this the philosophy of thusness: WHATEVER IS, ACCEPT IT AS THE NATURE OF REALITY. Don't even imagine to go against it. Never go against the current; just follow the river wherever it leads." 

Comment by Ann on July 30, 2012 at 9:01am

"KNOWING PERFECTLY WELL THAT EXISTENCE IS NEVER AGAINST YOU."  It is only how we perceive with the distortions of our minds things that this could be so.  Thank you (((Diadrj)))

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