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Operation Tomodachi: The badge included gratitude

ISHINOMAKI, Japan - U.S. service members, Japan Self-Defense Force members and Ishinomaki High School students work together to clean the school during Operation Field Day here March 30. U.S. service members are working with their Japanese counterparts to provide assistance in support of Operation Tomodachi.


For the support of US Marine Corp, one Japanese man made the badges and distributed them to the troops who have been working for people in northeast coastal area on the aftermath of Tsunami.  The Badge is embroidered as '友' (Tomo), meaning 'Friends' in English, and lots of troops started putting it on the right shoulder of their jackets.   The Designer of this badge, Ryuta Amemiya, said "I wanted to include the message to show our gratitude for US troops who work so hard and support us.  I also added Japanese in there as a sign, which writes 'がんばろう日本' (Ganbarou Nippon) - 'Don't give up, Japan in English so that people here feel safe and secure, like 'We will be okay, because they came for us...',  when they see the badge on their shoulder."




Tepco To Scrap 4 Reactors At Crippled Nuclear Plant


TOKYO (Kyodo)--Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday that it will scrap the four crippled reactors at the F**ushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as the country struggles to bring the nuclear crisis under control weeks after a powerful earthquake and tsunami.

The utility said that while the cost of compensation in connection with the nuclear disaster will be daunting and will undermine it financially, the company will try hard to remain afloat and avoid nationalization.

''We have no choice but to scrap reactors 1 to 4 if we look at their conditions objectively,'' said Tsunehisa Katsumata, the company's chairman, at a news conference.

Since losing cooling functions following the deadly natural disaster on March 11, four of the six reactors at the nuclear power plant northeast of Tokyo have leaked radioactive materials into the air and sea.

While workers are continuing efforts to prevent the reactors from overheating and restore their cooling systems, all six reactors at the plant have been stabilized to some degree, Katsumata said.

But as the cooling systems have yet to be restored for the Nos. 1-4 reactors to bring them into a stable condition called ''cold shutdown,'' the company, known also as TEPCO, will make maximum efforts, Katsumata added.

The Nos. 5 and 6 reactors were already in a state of cold shutdown.

''We apologize for causing the public anxiety, worry and trouble due to the explosions at reactor buildings and the release of radioactive materials,'' Katsumata said at the news conference at the company's head office.

Earlier Wednesday, TEPCO said its president, Masataka Shimizu, was hospitalized Tuesday for hypertension and dizziness.

His hospitalization came after reports that Shimizu had fallen sick on March 16 and taken some days off from manning a liaison office set up between the government and the utility to regain control of the plant.

Katsumata has already taken over Shimizu's role temporarily in leading efforts to bring the crisis under control, the company said, adding that Shimizu would return to work as soon as he recovers.

It will not take long for Shimizu to return to work and resume taking the lead in handling the crisis, Katsumata said.

As to the managerial responsibilities he and Shimizu should bear, Katsumata said, ''Our greatest responsibility is to put everything into bringing the current situation to an end and under control.''

Shimizu has rarely appeared in public since attending a news conference on March 13, two days after the natural disaster wreaked havoc on northeastern Japan.

Reactors at the roughly 40-year-old plant built on the Pacific coast of F**ushima Prefecture lost cooling functions after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami waves knocked out power, precipitating the nuclear crisis that has forced tens of thousands of local residents to evacuate.



News Sourve:Nikkei




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Comment by Nana on March 31, 2011 at 10:24am

Dear Ashana,


Thank you for reading and leaving me such a warm note.

With you all, my dear, we are encouraged and we can live on.  Thank you so very much always.


Arigato my 'Tomo',

Your little Tomo Nana

Comment by Ashana on March 30, 2011 at 4:22pm

Operation Tomadachi is simply great!  the whole world , all nations are bursted in compassion to whole Japanese nation and all wish finish as soon as possible. Still many people are displaced and have to deal with personal and national trauma.


Thank you for posting, Nana. Your voice from Tokyo is very important for all!


Love, Ashana

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