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Technique developed to stockpile radioactive cesium

A material that can be used to stockpile radioactive cesium has been developed, the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) has announced.

The development by the research institute based in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, is expected to pave the way for efficiently stockpiling cesium released from the disaster-crippled F**ushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

A team of NIMS researchers experimented on cesium-137 -- a radioactive material with a half-life period of 30 years that requires long-term storage. When researchers heated up cesium to 900 degrees Celsius along with oxidized titanium and molybdenum oxide and then decomposed them with an electric current, needle-like crystals measuring several millimeters long and looking like sea urchin spines emerged.

The crystal has a structure of a cesium molecule enveloped by six titanium molecules, with one cubic centimeter of the crystal capable of containing one gram of cesium. That translates into one cubic centimeter of the crystal being capable of containing cesium-137 in 83 tons' worth of radioactive water released from the No. 3 reactor of the F**ushima nuclear power plant.

Since the crystal does not bear a shielding effect, however, the cesium-containing crystal must be buried deep underground.

"The crystal can contain cesium just like peas in a pod. We'd like to look into the way radioactive cesium can be forever contained in the crystal," said Hideki Abe, a NIMS researcher.

Since cesium needs to be separated from contaminated water before being contained in the crystal, the researchers will join hands with other institutions to examine whether the crystal is compatible with zeolite -- a material that has been in use at the F**ushima plant to absorb cesium in contaminated water.


News Source: Daily Mainichi



Italians join forces to aid tsunami-ravaged city in Iwate

'Assistenza': Elio Orsara (right), owner and chef of the Tokyo restaurant Elio Locanda Italiana, and other volunteers offer free pasta to people at an evacuation center in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, on May 8. KYODO PHOTO

Some 500 people in the city of Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, one of the areas worst hit by the March 11 quake and tsunami, earlier this month received a pasta, soup and wine treat provided by prominent Italian chefs from Tokyo.

The event, named Domenica Italiana (Italian Sunday), was part of the charity campaign "Italians in Japan for the rebirth of Tohoku region."

Twenty-five volunteer workers including staff from such Tokyo restaurants as Elio Locanda Italiana delivered food as well as relief items to disaster victims at an evacuation shelter in Rikuzentakata.

"People enjoyed the food and some even asked whether they could take the leftovers home," said Marco Staccioli, who started the charity project involving the Italian community in Japan. "In Italy, families get together on Sundays after attending Mass and eat food prepared by mothers. We named the event after such a tradition."

Staccioli, managing director of MS Japan Service Co., a company based in Saitama Prefecture that imports and sells equipment for auto repair and maintenance, decided to offer support to Rikuzentakata as relatives of one of his sales staff were affected by the calamities in the city.

Most of the family of the salesman's wife barely escaped the tsunami, and it took eight days before they were confirmed alive. One of the wife's relatives, a 27-year-old firefighter, was killed by the tsunami while battling to stop tidal waves from reaching the area.

Staccioli, who drove to the city on the Pacific coast about two weeks after the disaster to deliver relief goods with Cristina Morini of the Italian Women's Association in Tokyo, has since visited the area several times with items such as food, bicycles, gasoline and clothes.

In the city that had a population of 24,246 as of Feb. 28, more than 930 have been confirmed dead and 805 remain missing. About 3,400 houses were destroyed by the tsunami, meaning more than 70 evacuation shelters have had to be set up.

The campaign unofficially launched by Staccioli, a board member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and Morini has garnered wide support from Italians around the country, they and chamber officials said.

Staccioli said his "batteries are charged" every time he visits Rikuzentakata, as he feels cheered up by residents who greet him in Italian and is impressed by evacuees who are "powerful, strong and well-organized" in the shelters.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, which has about 170 corporate and individual members, has geared up for its largest support campaign for disaster victims since a major quake hit L'Aquila in central Italy in 2009.

"It is natural for Italians to offer charity every Sunday. We will continue to join forces to help people who lost everything," Staccioli said.

News Source: Japan Times

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Comment by Nana on May 21, 2011 at 8:28am

Arigato always, my dear Ashana!


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Comment by Ashana on May 20, 2011 at 8:24pm

Thank you for news!

Love, Ashana

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