Preamble : Tonight my computer crashed, to my dismay. All my beloved files are least 99%, Right?! The  1 % left were a few good videos and this one and only poem. It must mean here it is for my sharing.


no Falling in Love


What is it in me that longs so much to fall in love?

Why is it called falling?

Is this a destination to fall into,

separated and distant from my self and thus,

 much longed for?


The other day I saw myself falling in love with someone.

I watched my mind and emotions, as it  delighted with this notion.

Like seeing a familiar old friend once again.., it felt inviting,  enticing, and  exhilarating.

And so, for a few days,  I consciously plunged into the notion of falling in love,

 where my heart yearned and seemed ready  for the fall.


What  silliness this is, I thought to myself, as I embraced, with open eyes this experience.

How can I fall in love and give love, when now I know where love resides?

Isn’t it everywhere?  Isn’t it already a given in me, and  another?

Am I not love, expressing itself?

Am I pretending to be separate, and distant from love?

If I am love,  then how can I fall in love?


Am I  complete or am I not? Is my joy, happiness and love in the palms of another? 

Am I waiting for that other to provide me these blessings?

If  again I say ‘yes’ to these questions, then indeed,

I am bound to fall in love,  again.


My feet has known this road before.

My eyes have witnessed the greatest fall.

Many years have I slumbered, but now, let me say,

“ I say, no more.”


The other is love s’ gift  for my pleasure and rejoicing.

I Am happiness, joy and love unfolding.

I Am love itself, and so are the others.

I Am love blossoming, and there is no other.

For how can I fall in love, when love is in me and in you?

Then let there be  no falling, and let there

be a feast.

We'll celebrate by blessing our meeting,

with joy and thanksgiving!



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