YOUR Personal February 2013 Angel Numbers -Your monthly angel numbers are special messages for you to help you during the coming month. Look for your angel numbers wherever you go. You may see the numbers on your clock, an address, a license plate, a telephone number or a variety of different places. Be assured that when you see or think of your numbers, you are receiving divine messages and guidance from your Angels. The messages for these angel numbers were interpreted and written by me, Gary Frese, based on Dr. Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers 101 book.

Astrological Sign - Angel Numbers - February 2013 Angel Number Guidance Through the Signs Inspired by Dr. Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 Book - Interpreted and written by Gary Paul Frese

♥ Aries The Ram
March 21 to April 20

5, 17, 247

5: A major life change is occurring. Please know that it is a positive change. Call on YOUR angels and they will help you make the change effortlessly.

17: You are taking the correct path, and your positive affirmations and the optimism you are feeling are letting you know that your plans and path are divinely inspired. The sacred number 17 represents the Holy Trinity and the pyramids.

247: Keep your faith strong through positive affirmations and know that YOUR angels are rewarding your efforts and prayers.

♥ Taurus The Bull
April 21 to May 21

9, 88, 152

9: You are a Lightworker! It is time to listen to YOUR angels as they help you to begin or improve your practice. Even if you just start by volunteering your services to help others, you will feel the power of the angels that are supporting you as you assists others.

88: YOUR angels want you to know that through your prayers, affirmations and visualizations, you have manifested large amounts of abundance in all forms. Open your heart and arms to receive your well-deserved divine gifts.

152: YOUR angels are asking you to be open minded as you encounter new situations, people and opportunities. Allow yourself to be open to trying new ideas and methods.

♥ Gemini The Twins
May 22 to June 21

4, 42, 412

4: YOUR angels have heard your prayers and they are here now helping you.

42: YOUR angels are asking you to keep the faith because answers to your prayers, that you cannot see or imagine, are coming your way.

412: This is a very strong message to let you know that YOUR angels have heard your prayers for assistance. Help the angels help you by staying very positive about your life and your future.

♥ Cancer The Crab
June 22 to July 22

6, 63, 945

6: YOUR angels are asking to stop worrying about your material and financial needs. Turn your worries over to them and they will help manifest all of your needs. Just ask for help and THEY WILL help you.

63: YOUR ascended masters and angels are here now to help you with the daily aspects of your life. Call out to them for help and trust that do hear you and are so willing to help you.

945: YOUR angels are helping you make healthy and positive life-style changes so you can pursue your Divine Purpose.

♥ Leo The Lion
July 23 to August 22

6, 77, 301

6: YOUR angels are asking to stop worrying about your material and financial needs. Turn your worries over to them and they will help manifest all of your needs. Just ask for help and THEY WILL help you.

77: You do HAVE the Midas touch. Keep up your good work and know that YOUR angels are behind you every step of the way.

301 Your Divine Creator and the ascended masters are here now to help you create loving affirmations that will manifest positive thoughts and actions.

♥ Virgo The Virgin
August 23 to September 23

0, 25, 806

0: Your Divine Creator, the Divine Source and your personal inner source is communicating with you to reassure you that you are being divinely guided as you fearlessly move down your new spiritual and earthly path.

25: As you go through major life changes, expect the best because YOUR angels are with you now to ensure the best possible outcome.

806: YOUR Divine Creator and his angels are assuring that your material needs, which include shelter, food and such are being met.

♥ Libra The Scales
September 24 to October 23

2, 34, 833

2: YOUR angels want you to know that everything is working out fine and will continue to work out in your best interest. Keep believing and do not give up hope because your positive thoughts and feelings are producing positive outcomes.

34: Please know that your prayers are heard by YOUR ascended masters and angels, and know that they are with you now as they help you create your answered prayers.

833: Your prayers for financial assistance have been heard and are being answered now by YOUR ascended masters and angels. Help them help you by staying positive and by seeing yourself financially secure.

♥ Scorpio The Scorpion
October 24 to November 22

7, 18, 719

7: Magical divine doors of opportunity are yours to walk through. You ARE on the right path and YOUR angels are helping you see that you can exceed your wildest expectations. Trust them and ALLOW them to help you by giving control to them as they happily guide you to success and happiness.

18: Your positive thoughts are what help you open the gates of abundance and material needs. YOUR angels are helping you manifest your needs as your thoughts become more positive. However, please know that worry can stop the flow of abundance. If you feel less than positive, call on YOUR angels and they will help be positive.

719: You are on a path that will lead you to spiritually based service either through your career or through volunteer work. Call on YOUR angels to help you stay positive.

♥ Sagittarius The Archer
November 23 to December 21

4, 13, 515

4: YOUR angels have heard your prayers and they are here now helping you.

13 Give your cares and worries to your angels. They are here now helping you stay positive and helping you face any fears or doubts you may have.

515: YOUR angels are here to congratulate you because your new positive approach to life is manifesting improved relationships as well as abundance in all forms. Everything is changing for the better!

♥ Capricorn The Goat
December 22 to January 20

1, 59, 606

1: You are a positive manifestor. It is time to call on YOUR angels to help you stay positive as you realize that everything you wish for is coming true. Just make sure your thoughts are positive so that you only attract positive outcomes.
59: The changes you are going through are leading you to your divine purpose. Call on YOUR angels to help calm you when you become anxious. Staying involved in spiritual learning and activities will help you.

606: As you center your life on spiritually guided goals, YOUR angels will help you take care of everything that concerns you.

♥ Aquarian The Water Carrier
January 21 to February 19

8, 26, 988

8: You have more than enough to share and spare. An endless supply of abundance and prosperity is yours. Everything you need--time, resources, ideas, etc. is being sent to by YOUR angels.

26: Please know that positive affirmations will help you improve your life right now. Feel your situation as already resolved and so it shall be…Call on YOUR angels now and they will help you!
988: Be open to receiving! You have willing gave of your services to others and because you have a giving spirit, the Universe and your angels are bestowing upon you the riches of Heaven.

♥ Pisces The Fishes
February 20 to March 20

3, 91, 822

3: YOUR ascended masters are with you now to help you with any challenge and goal you have. Call on the ones (Quan Yin, Jesus, Buddha, etc.) you feel close to and they WILL be there by your side.

91: Stay positive about your life purpose because YOUR angels are guiding you down a path that includes helping people worldwide.

822: YOUR angels are sending you optimistic thoughts because the more optimistic you are, the faster you will manifest the financial abundance you desire.


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