Dear Friends, prosperity is not just about money. It is about believing in the goodness of life and living it. However, it is also about our gratitude to this goodness of life. One way of showing this gratitude is Tithing. I follow this practice of tithing and I have seen it work in many wonderful ways I can only credit back to this Universal  Law. We are all provided for, as we put our Faith and Trust firmly on things that have proven itself trustworthy in our lives. To me, tithing is Trustworthy, because it gives me more of that feeling of deep gratitude to life. It is not about getting back something as we give our tithes.. Tithing is a humble acknowledgement of God as our Eternal provider..and with Gratitude, we simply give it back, although we can never out do God. May we all be blessed with our needs. Gratitude and Namaste!~ Eli

"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it."~ Malachi 3:10 The Bible (NIIV)

“To start on your journey toward prosperity, I’d like to first introduce you to the ancient spiritual law of tithing. Tithing means giving back to God one-tenth of everything you receive. And why shouldn’t you?  After all, you commonly say “Thank you” and give a gift of appreciation to someone who has been very generous with you.  Why not with God?”
-Rev. Edwene Gaines,
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Common Questions about Tithing

What Is a Tithe? 
The word “tithe” means a tenth.  To tithe is to return 10% of all we receive to a person, place or institution from which we have received spiritual food. 

What Is Spiritual Food? 
Spiritual food is that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth and causes us to remember who we really are. 

Why Tithe? 

  • Tithing establishes order in our life and the life of our ministry. God first!
  • Tithing is a sure way to prosper.
  • Tithing enables us to bless others through the work of God.
  • We tithe, not primarily because we are supposed to, but because we joyfully want to. We tithe because we have discovered that it is a great and creative adventure, and because its rewards are surprising, enriching, increasing, and unending

What About Tithing to Charity?
When discussing tithing, we are often asked about giving to charity. However, we do not give to charity in place of a tithe. We tithe to where we are spiritually fed, giving to God first, and then we give over and above our 10% tithe. 

Unity of Phoenix Commitment to Tithing:
Unity of Phoenix is committed to tithing 10% of all worship receipts to those places where our ministry has been spiritually fed. This may include individuals, organizations, churches or groups.  Monthly, we give locally, nationally and internationally. 

“One of the most practical and sensible ways of seeking God’s kingdom first is to be a tither, to put God first in finances.  It is the promise of God, the logical thing to do, and the experience of all who have tried it, that all things necessary to your welfare have been added to you in an overflowing measure.”
– Charles Fillmore, Unity’s Co-Founder, from his book, Prosperity

Trust That God Is Your Source, Your Infinite Supply

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my legal career when I was elected partner at a major Phoenix law firm in 1994. I knew my family’s financial security was sound.

But by 2000, I was suffering from debilitating migraine headaches that were interfering with every aspect of my life. I had tried everything to stop them, from diet to preventative medications, but nothing worked.

I finally decided I had to change my work environment, and abruptly left the firm to start my own law practice and work from home. I was terrified! I was the sole source of income for my family and had no clue where my next paycheck would come from. But my husband and I stayed committed to tithing during this time of financial uncertainty, did a ton of prayer work, and took the 4Ts class at Unity of Phoenix to help us stay grounded in knowing God is our source.

I never would have dreamed I could do better financially on my own than with a big firm, or had the courage to try, until life literally knocked me in the head. But it was truly amazing how all the pieces of what I thought was my shattered life fell together perfectly. A simple tip from a friend opened doors almost effortlessly.

Everything clicked into place and it was like I never missed a paycheck. I’ve tripled my old firm income, my migraines are history, and I have much more time and flexibility to be with my family and serve my Unity community. Through the principles of tithing, my health is better, my relationships are better, my life has better balance, and it’s such a blessing to write those tithe checks!

Many of us worry about the current economic forecast. But one thing is certain — God will provide! Especially in times of uncertainty, we need to continue to tithe, make good on our pledges, and give thanks for the abundance in our lives. Giving keeps us in the flow of God’s good. So trust that God is your source, your infinite supply, and that there is no lack or limitation in your life. That’s the simple Truth.

By Pam Petersen
Past President 2008
Unity of Phoenix Board of Trustees


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Comment by Ann on March 8, 2012 at 7:59am

This is one of my places where I receive spiritual nourishment here at Humanity Healing, so I like (feel good about) tithing here.  I hope that many more would join me in this even if it just a dollar or 2 a month.  Namaste & much love you are sent Eli.

Comment by Z on March 7, 2012 at 1:59pm

and so it is.

I have never known tithing not keep the promise just had to come back and comment.

in gratitude~

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