Organic Solutions
Volume 11 -- Issue 4


*Handling Radiation*
First off, it should be pointed out in this time of Social Unrest and
Stress that the greatest danger to one's Survival is not the Radiation
or any Fallout created, but the /*HYSTERIA*/ generated by a Nuclear
Incident and the constant barrage of Bad News put out by the Media.

It is obvious that these Merchants of Chaos (The News Media) delight in
blowing-up out of proportion any disaster currently happening. It might
also be added, that this statement also includes Alternative News
Sources such as "Alex Jones", "What Really Happened" and "The
Activist". You have to read their reports very carefully, or you'll
find yourself believing their Theories, Predictions, and Suppositions.
Far too often, you'll see News Headings that read like this: "Fourth
Reactor Exploded?" (Get the idea, that the question mark asks a
question. It is not a statement of fact but the wording is done so that
it comes across as fact), or most often you'll see qualifying words such
as, "Predicted", "Expected", etc. etc. EG: Joe Blow predicts Gold will
reach $5,000 an ounce by next week, or Suzy Q, the top Radiation Expert
in Timbuktu expects the California Coast to be inundated with Fallout
from the Nuclear Disaster in Japan. The subjects of Nuclear War,
Radiation and Fallout themselves can actually generate /Fear and
Hysteria/ mentally, and the last thing anyone needs is to have them
exaggerated by a sensationalizing media.

I read the News in depth only once a week, as one can take just so much
of this exaggerated */BAD NEWS CRAP/*, and usually I can deduce what's
going on around the World in about an hour sifting the Fact from the
Fiction. Yes, the Nuclear Disaster in Japan IS a Catastrophe, and it is
very real that Japan may not recover from it for decades, and the oceans
around Japan may become a Dead Zone because of it, and the World Economy
may collapse as well (notice my use of the word "may" = these are NOT
FACTS), but these are only educated guesses, and I'm stating them as
such so you can do your own research and make up your own mind.

/*Does this mean we shouldn't be prepared??? Absolutely not!!!*/ We do
know for a fact that our insane US Government just bombed the hell out
of Libya without Congress formally declaring WAR and that happens to be
in violation of our own American Constitution. They also once again
threatened Iran. We do know for a fact that Americans and People from
all over the World are continuing to lose their jobs and unemployment is
still rising. We can see the cost of Food and Gas climbing almost daily
and People are continuing to lose their Homes. These are cold hard
facts that we can See, Touch & Listen to all around us. It doesn't take
a crystal ball for anyone to predict that we're in for some tough times
here. The Statistics and the Trends lay it out plain and clear. /*You'd
Better Be Prepared!!!*/

Last week saw a buying frenzy of Potassium Iodide Tablets across the
Nation and on the Internet. It is necessary to point out that Potassium
Iodide Tablets, though somewhat helpful, are not very easily absorbed by
the body, especially if the body in question is not healthy to begin
with. It's much like trying to absorb minerals from the eating of
ordinary rocks.

The best source of easily absorbable ORGANIC Potassium and Iodine is in
my /*Body Balance+ Formula*/. The Ingredients in the Formula are:
Black Strap Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Black Walnut Hull
Tincture. Black Strap Molasses is by far the richest source of ORGANIC
POTASSIUM on the Planet. Black Walnut Hulls are a great natural source
of ORGANIC IODINE. And Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the best
Catalysts known to man so that even those with poor health, and lousy
digestion can easily absorb it into their systems. I highly recommend
that everyone make their own, and you can find the Formula for doing so at:

*Http:// *

All of my Formulas can be found at this website and if you have any
trouble getting a hold of the /*Black Walnut Tincture*/, my Organic
Solutions Production Facility makes the strongest, and most potent
version there is. Call the office if you need help with this. /*Toll
Free: 888-898-9660*/

Another very rich source of Iodine can be found in my /*Total Nutrition
Formula*/ that has a large amount of /*Norwegian Dulce*/ in it. This
Super Food is also very easy to absorb and is completely digested within
15 minutes after taking it.

One main reason it is so important to increase one's body's supply of
Iodine is because of the destructiveness of Radioactive Iodine in
Fallout. If our bodies already have a sufficient supply of Iodine, it
won't feel compelled to absorb the bad stuff floating around. A good
maintenance dosage of the /*Body Balance+ Formula*/ is 2 Tablespoons a
day. 2 Tablespoons of the /*Total Nutrition*/ is also the recommended
daily dose for Organic Iodine and essential Vitamins. Another key
ingredient in the /*Total Nutrition Formula*/ is /*Chlorella*/ that is
essential to helping get Heavy Metals out of the body.

During the Chernobyl Incident, one of the key Ingredients the Russians
used for detoxifying Heavy Metals out of the body was /*Apple Fruit
Pectin*/. This action eventually saved thousands of lives. This is one
of the reasons this wonderful ingredient is in my /*Intestinal Detox
Formula*/. Along with /*Activated Willow Charcoal*/ and /*Bentonite
Clay*/ that is essential for taking built up Toxins and Pesticides out
of the body, /*Apple Fruit Pectin*/ is vital for removing Heavy Metals
and Radioactive materials out of the body. This great Formula also
contains /*Slippery Elm Bark*/ and /*Marshmallow Root*/ which are
Nature's absolute best Healers and Tissue rejuvenators. Furthermore,
this Recipe can be used in a pinch for handling all kinds of Poisons and
can be applied in Poultices externally for Rattlesnake bites, Black
Widow Spider and Brown Recluse Spider bites. In an emergency, it should
be utilized to cover open wounds as well and save a Life. So, not only
will it detoxify and heal the Bowel, it can be used on the outside to
bring about Healing.

Lastly, the only ingredient that runs out Radiation that has already
been impregnated into the cells of the body is Vitamin B3 = /*Niacin*/ =
Nicotinic Acid. Those of you who've taken Niacin know what I'm talking
about having experienced the "Flush" that goes along with taking it.
That flush you experienced was pure Radiation running out of the body,
and can not only be an old Sunburn turning on and blowing, but can also
be doses of Nuclear Radiation you received in the past also blowing out
of your body. There is a protocol called the /*Purification Rundown*/
that is the best for terminatedly handling higher levels of Radiation
already received, but this should only be done under full supervision by
those qualified to deliver this excellent Rundown. During this special
/*Purification Rundown*/ that can take up to a month or more to
complete, one can safely take up to 5,000 Mg of Niacin. Doing this in
your own home, the maximum level should not be more than 500 Mg taken
twice a day, as Niacin will turn on a full-blown Detox. /*However a word
of CAUTION:*/ One must take additional Vitamins and Minerals when
taking Niacin, as Niacin will use up Vitamins and Minerals at a very
rapid rate. The extra Vitamins and Minerals one should have on hand and
take with Vitamin B3 / Niacin are: Calcium 500Mg; Magnesium 500Mg; Iron
36Mg; Zinc 30Mg; Manganese 8Mg; Copper 4Mg; Potassium 90Mg; Iodine
.450Mg; and Vitamins A-10,000Mg, D-400IU, C-1,000Mg, E-800IU, B1-600Mg
and B Complex-100Mg. Note that you will get most of the Potassium and
Iodine from the /*Body Balance+ Formula*/, but you can still add the
above as an Insurance Policy. For those of you interested in doing
further and more in-depth research, contact my office at:
Office@AcademyOfNaturalHealing for a list of easy reading books you can
purchase that cover it all in greater detail.

Your Survival is important to me. The actual Facts, Statistics and
Trends currently show our Planet is in deep trouble and that Mankind is
heading towards some very trying times to say the least. I want my
Family, Friends, Students and those of Good Will to come out the other
side so that together we can create a Renaissance and finally bring to
our children and their children -- Love, and Peace on Earth.

Yours in Knowledge, Health and Freedom,

Ian "Doc" Shillington N.D.

Copyright © 2011 by Ian Shillington N.D. All rights reserved.

Ian "Doc" Shillington N.D. (Retired)
Rocky Mountain USA Club

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