Today is the day I am to become who I am. Not just this today, but every today. We change, we grow, we see, we know.

To stop at any certain point is to deny the best that life has to offer. We are never done.

I have found that all the strife has made me stronger, and with the strength comes convection. So with that convection I want to share some thoughts.

I look at the world, and see we are all here to play our part. All parts are big, none more important than the next. But it appears many have forgotten their lines. They laid the script down and forgot they are connected to the world. We know about good and we know about evil. But do we really see where it is coming from? Do we really know what is evil, bad or do we just think we do from years of generational programing.

Let’s start with religion, organized religion. I have heard many people say I hate. I hate Catholics because the priests are perverts, I hate Christians because they think they are self-righteous, I hate Pagans because they are evil, I hate Muslims because they all want to kill people, I hate Buddhists because they have no god…. And on and on it goes. How can something that is supposed to teach such love and acceptance bring so much hate? HOW DID WE LET THAT HAPPEN???? This is evil pure and simple, to separate into groups, and deem one more worthy than the other. We are taught this from generation to generation. The young fight the older folks notions…but still they hate. Still they find a way to separate themselves. It is an effort to raise your self-esteem? Is it an effort of misguidance to save others from a horrible fate? But what is it that makes a person think they know more than God? How can we even think to tell another how to believe? Holy books say we must enlighten others to God’s way of thinking. “enlighten” Teach by example, not by harsh words, death, fear, but By Example.

I meet many people and see a light in them and think, oh I want to learn more about that, or be like them. I do not appreciate people getting in my face TELLING me what is right for me.

We blame so many things on the world’s failure. We blame prejudice, pride, corporate greed, liars, fools, gangs, churches, weather, farmers, users, givers, drugs, doctors, lawyers, poor parenting skills, psychos, criminals and on and on. But there is only one way to place blame. Its US. WE are part of this world. WE have all that is needed to make a difference. Do not point the finger at another soul until you can say without a doubt that every single day you have done what you can to make this a better place.

We should not be striving so hard to separate ourselves. I think that is how we forgot our place. It’s easy to forget another’s suffering if you don’t “see” them. Just as it’s easy to share in others joy if you are more aware. It is no secret the hate and discontent in the world. I skim through my face book page and see the anger and the rage. What I don’t see are viable solutions. I don’t see a coming together, even in the posted ire; we see the “my cause is more important than yours” attitude. They are all important, every single one. Every tear is important, every smile is important, You are important.

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