Service to Others is something that has been important to me all my life.
I have always been one to "jump in" when a friend, neighbor or aquaintance, even strangers need help. As I near retirement age and choose to work from home I am spending more hours a week volunteering and researching what's needed to help the Earth's situation than I do actually earning a living.
Thankfully I have a husband who approves of be doing so!!

I didn't realize living my life this way had anything to do with ascension. I simply believe in watching out for those around me.
I was amazed when I read an article on the website called Project Camelot,
called "Law of One, Harvest. It is lenghty, yet as I got to question 17.31, part of the answer stated:
...In the book of Oahspe it states that if an entity goes over 50% "Service to Others", then that entity is Harvestable." This is in reference to those who haven't awakened and are not likely to ascend prior to the Earth going through the change. I gives me comfort towards the on-going thoughts i have about loved ones who have no interest in what I study and believe in.

With four adult children and 5 grandsons, I long for the day that they are all following the same path i am, and find comfort that the second best thing to have happen is that since they all have grown up to live a life that is "Service to Others" , then when the transition happens they will ascend as well.

I hope that I am interpeting what i have read correctly, and am looking to you all for feed-back.
Please post come replys and assist me with understanding this process. I continue to read and research regularly, yet feedback from you here on Humanity Healing helps me so much.

Love to you all, Kimmie

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Comment by Kimmie on July 17, 2009 at 10:02pm
RaK, If my example encourages a handful of people to make more of an effort to help those they share their lives with, then the chain reaction will multiply into much more than just my efforts in my little corner of the world.
Create a small wave and watch it grow!! Smile or say hello to the people you pass in the parking on your way into a shop or restaurant, compliment someone standing in line at the check out counter..."The color of that shirt looks great on you"...You will change their day-and maybe even youyr own!!
Much Love to you all, Kimmie
Comment by RaK on July 17, 2009 at 12:05am
Thank you Kimmie, your blog just became the blog of the day here.

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