I want to share with you a personal experience. I recently buy a kit of 7 crystals for each one of the chakras. I had to admit how little for no say nothing I know about it. I just found it interesting the idea to balance your chakras with crystals and how it work, making your chakras move the energy.
But what I want to share with you is my first lesson, which is: How I clean the crystals? This is the explanation I received. (I did it.) While doing all the steps try to make a prayer or meditation, even evoque good thoughts so the crystals receives all your good energy.

1st. Wait until is full moon. That night clean your crystals with marine salt, leave it several hours on that mix of marine salt and water. (It's common knowlegde that the salt and the water are used to clean things, well that's the same principle here)

2nd. Take the crystals out of the marine-salt water take the crystals with both hands and clean the crystals again in plain water that flows, but don't dry it. Placed the wet crystals in a crystal plate that full moon night, outside the house for the entire night.

3rd. The next morning take the crystals again with both hands, and clean them with fresh plain water, placed the crystals again in the same plate and let them outside the house during the day to let them filled with the sun light.

4th. That night of the second day, take the crystals clean them againg with fresh water, although, this time dry them with a white towel and now they are ready to work with your chakras.

After all the steps I begin with a prayer to the Holy Spirit. I put myself confortable with a channelling music for the chakras (you might find it in any music store or library) and I put the crystals on each one of the chakras (in the chart it shows where it belongs each one of the crystals) I start my vocal tonings for each of the chakras and as soon as I start to doing it I felt like each one of the crystals or the chakras began to pounding like if they had life by its own. That was weird, I almost can not believe it but that is how it felts. The energy was so high that I almost put aside the crystal of my third eye chakra.

But I finished my vocal tonings for the chakras and when I saw the crystals they are more brighter it's incredible how they shine I which I could take a picture before it all started so I prove myself the difference. Life always amazed me. My espiritual path finally reach me. Thanks for share my story although you don't know me.

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Comment by Lulu's Page - Let's fill our hearts with love! on April 11, 2009 at 9:34am

Thank you all, for share story with me. I hope it'll work for you too.
Comment by Amit Kapoor on April 9, 2009 at 7:25am
wow.. I am going to do this tonight with my clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst

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