Some Comments on “An Attempt to Legal Hemp's Regulation” in Brazil

I came to know that today, 3rd of June 2011, here in Brazil, some very influential politicians are going to launch a film that would soon spread the inspiration to many about the legalization of the use of marijuana.


Instead of trying to find an exit from poor education system and find the way to make it improved to the excellent level, where all the citizen of the country would then have access to it, why these people focus on the implementation of the legalization of marijuana?


For most of us we already understood their old fashion strategy; but still, I would like to remind that it is simply because they want that the mass remain ignorant from their selfish motives; they don’t really want us to be aware of what life must be; they simply want that life must be according to their selfish dictates… and this is the FACT – beyond any shadow of doubt!


They said that the violence from drug traffickers would be decreased if this legalization is implemented; for whatever reasons they have, this is definitely not true if the education system remains to its depths level.


They strongly compare Brazil to Holland… But we cannot compare it with such differences; first of all, Brazil is 10 times more populated than Holland; second of all, Holland is an affluent country and Brazil is still trying to be, and that the population of poor people is 5 times of the population of the whole country of Holland; third of all, the education system of Brazil is far different from Holland.


Perhaps we can compare Holland to Japan or Singapore or China; and see, the difference? … I myself have no words to tell.


It is very obvious what these people really want.


Let me tell; aside from their strong tendencies for their selfish-seeking-pleasure, they want to call the attention of the mass; to gather them and pave the way to their electoral favor; and no need to mention that they simply allow poor people become poorer; to increase the ignorant people and let those already ignorant remain brainless… THESE ARE ALL OBVIOUS!


The ex-president of Brazil (FHC), seems to me loosing his brain, and he wants everyone become like him, brainless… this so called “elite” is actually very poor in conscience; his intellectual extravaganza makes him such clown-like common guy.


I know we cannot stop him; but at least, this can serve as trigger to awaken awareness! Otherwise, one rotten tomato in a box of millions would destroy the productivity and leads to extreme poverty of soul.


We all know that it’s not easy to voice out; but at the same time I believe it’s possible.


Let the individual consciousness be awakened soon!


Love is all there is... Love Remains.

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