It is said that we all have a Cosmic Soul Print /

Ray of spectacular color

Through the wisdom of the Spirit World, your essence or soul has brought something very special with it, for you to use in this lifetime

It acts as an inner voice or guidance system and is called ' The Ray of Intention'

Radiant and beautiful in color, this Ray lays down your Soul Purpose, your motives, interests and beliefs for this current life


This Ray of Intention is your personal 'Blueprint' of your life, the reason why you are here in this form

It is what makes you.... YOU

Like your fingerprint, no two Rays of Intention on this Earth are the same

It may resemble others, but is NEVER identical

You may not be able to see the Ray, but it is there, constantly sending you vibratiions of energy in color. You and your soul have a purpose, which has been energised with color

Everything you ever want to know about yourself, your choices, the reasons for your reincarnation and coming to Earth, is recorded simply and clearly in your Ray Of Intention

Your Ray begin in the baby's body almost like an energy thread- very thin, practically invisible

Once you entered through the birth process itself, the ray began to extend and grow

As you grew and matured, through toddler, child and adolescent, the Ray matured with you

AGE 13 / 14

By the age of 13 going on 14, your main Ray can be seen rising up to an arms's length above the body. This way it is able to absorb and relate to the many other energies within your Aura, which accounts for the major personality changes that occur in children reaching 13 years of age. The child feels the immense changes taking place within, and the knowing takes over, the chosen path is stronger. Automatically without questioning, the child now begins to follow the Ray of Intention

The radiance of these energies reaches maturity at around the age of 28


The color is boldly and brilliantly displayed in the Universe, stretching out through the Aura for all who can, to see

Your Spirit Guides are able to identify us by these rays

The Ray of Intention bares your soul
It is your truth, on show for all in the Cosmos


New World

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Comment by ozzieowl on October 1, 2012 at 7:57am

This is uplifting to know, and I would like to learn how to consciously connect

with my Ray of Intention to learn what it is.

Thank you Pauline.

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