Taking Action ~ Taking Responsibility

                         ~  When we choose to keep the door of Faith open, Faith will respond.  ~

                     ~ When we choose to keep the door of Hope open, Hope is always with us. ~

                                                  When we carry the energy of Love within us,

                                                 Love will be evident in what we see and feel.

                                           ~  Love will permeate our Life and lift us Always  ~

                                                        ~  It will become our sustenance.  ~

                ~  We may not be able to change the current circumstances in the world, but,  ~
                                   we can choose the energy we bring into our personal world.

                  ~ Light, Love, Peace, Faith and Hope all expand our world, but their opposite ~
                              will constrict and obstruct our world from expanding and flowing
                                                       and following its natural course.

                          For the average Western-born soul who is brought up with knowing

                          the outer-life as the only life,  and not shown any other aspect of life

                 from parents or carers, this inner-world concept of living can be difficult to grasp.

                                      Suddenly, the outer-life starts to challenge, disappoint,

                                                and at times even crumble around us.
                                  The social structures and way of life are rapidly changing.
                        Confronted for the first time by a way of life slipping from our grasp......
              Where is there to go......what am I to do......I feel so helpless, is the usual response.
                      Fear sets in as that is the human response that readys us for fight or flight.

                    ~   For perhaps the first time in our lives, we are forced to look elsewhere   ~
                                           for comfort and peace, and possible guidance.


                                          ~   Our searching leads us back to ourselves.   ~

                                Perhaps there IS something inside that can help and guide.

                    ~   Forced into this journey of inner-viewing and expansion of awareness,   ~
                               the outer-world crumbling around us has become the catalyst
                                             for ultimate freedom from the physical realm.
                                  Not always a physical death is necessary for this freedom,
                                 but the discovery of a Divine Energy of infinite possibilities
                                                in the depths of our Soul, our Beingness.

                          ~  With steadfast determination, the journey continues inwards.  ~

                               ~    A smile returns to the lips.... Ah Yes! ..... I remember !    ~

         ~   With the realization that we create our outer-viewing of the world, through our   ~
                               grasp of the inner-world, new concepts of BEing and living

                                               in the outer-world begin to emerge.

                                       ~   A new, expanded awareness is birthed.   ~

                       A feeling of Hope has returned that a new world can be built

        with newly expanded Awarenesses   ~  working collectively to uplift and sustain life.

~  Using these tools that we all have within, we begin, one by one, to create a world fueled  ~
                by the Life-Sustaining Energy of a Higher-Love which does not discriminate.

        ~ This Higher-Love is not just a warm fuzzy love, it is a life-giving Force that keeps the ~
                                           entire Cosmos functioning and expanding.

                               ~  Each soul has a role to play  ~  We are not here by chance.  ~

                ~  Nurturing and caring for all forms of Life on Earth is everyone's responsibility.  ~

                                                               ~    I AM  Part  of  You    ~

                                                                  **   N a m a s t e   **

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Comment by Tara Mary on July 25, 2013 at 4:47am

Thank-you so much Tom, love the images and quote  

Namaste and Blessings, Tara. 

Comment by Thomas M. Jones on July 24, 2013 at 7:16am

Blessings and Light



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