Talking with the Animals

 It is not uncommon for us as caring people to treat our pets and other animals with as much love and concern as we have for our children. Whether we have a cat, dog or gold fish, that animal’s wellbeing is important to us. As a psychic I have a number of clients who call me from time to time to see if I can explain to them how their pet is feeling, if he is happy. They may want to know why he is acting in a peculiar or unusual way, if he might be ill. Their desire to help is born out of love for their animal.

At other times clients will call me about a barnyard animal; goat, horse, cow, one that seems to require some sort of energy healing. The owner may ask why the animal is refusing food or does it have an injury that is causing it to be too still and not move about in the usual manner.

People wonder and will ask me how I can possibly “talk” with animals or understand their concerns when obviously the cats, dogs or even horses do not speak. It really is no different than when I am asked to “tune in” to a friend or relative living at a distance. The information comes in as a frequency, a vibration, an energy feeling or sense. Then it is my mind which translates the condition as I feel it into concise descriptive words.

Animals are very open with offering me their thoughts and feelings. They don’t seem to hold back in the way that humans sometimes do. If they have digestive problems they “tell” me what the cause seems to be. If they dislike something they are being fed they say so!

Occasionally an animal will go into deep mourning over the loss through death of another animal friend who was part of his household or even a neighboring household. Animals can have strong attachments to other animals. With such a loss it can require a lot of extra attention from his owner to work through the grief.

Sometimes a pet may be upset over another household pet who is using his dish or his personal bed. Animals do have a strong sense of possessiveness regarding such things as their brush or water bowl.

My work with animals is not only with the ones alive on earth. Many times a grieving owner will want to contact his animal friend who has gone to spirit. When contacting an animal in spirit there can be much that is revealed. From time to time I will discover that the animal is with other family members (human or animal) on the other side and at other times the animal may be discovered working with the idea of returning to earth for another incarnation.

Often the spirit of a dog or cat will make its presence known to the owner by creating small sounds or even hopping onto the owners bed with enough force to leave a depression, a little dent on the mattress and blanket. Animals who have passed to spirit seem to be always loyal. They will make their presence known to those who loved them and especially to those people who care to feel them close by now.

Reverend Lois Cheney


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