I am writing to let you all in on the beautiful synchronicity that has been happening in my life as of late.
As we all know October was Domestic Violence Awareness month. For me, it was breaking free of Domestic Violence Month ;-). I ended a pattern within myself of allowing myself to be someone at the mercy of someone else. There were 3 times I had to say no and stand up for myself, and on the third one, the magic began.

I had talked to someone very dear to me, that used to be on this site, about the dreams I had been having and what they could possibly mean and what direction I should head. He told me it sounded like it was time for me to find a shaman. I began searching somewhat, but in the mean time, an old friend kept coming to mind, he had been quite educational and was the first person that sparked my seeking into the Spiritual beyond "religiosity" I decided to try to contact him.

The first number I dialed that had the same last name happened to be his mother, we talked she agreed to give him my number and ask him to call me. a couple days ago he called, and is familiar with people in my area, that do the sweat lodges, and can put me in touch with a local shaman to help me prepare for my vision quest.

In the mean time, as this healing was taking place within myself, my daughter finally came by to visit again, and gave me an update on my son, who has been locked up for molesting a younger boy for several years now (he himself was only 13? or younger at the time.) It turns out that suddenly there is a break through with him, and he is beginning to remember the abuse his father inflicted on him, and his sister is being able to be there with him for the therapy sessions (very helpful since he also molested her).

I remember someone telling me once that the sins of the fathers was not some kind of curse but that when we heal our patterns of abuse, or victimhood, or alcoholism, or whatever, it gives a power to our children (and others) that helps to cure all.

I am amazed at how everything has begun to flow to the positive again, through my making my own breakthroughs, and the joy I feel that my children are also making their breakthroughs out of victimhood. I am especially glad to find that their father will be charged, because the statute of limitations has not run out on the things he did to my son. And my daughter having been victimized by him will be able to testify even though it is too late for charges to brought for what he did to her.

I just wanted to share, that there is open and active healing happening and I am so blessed and so grateful that it is.

Blessings to all of you, who so strongly resonated with me, and vented your experiences and I pray that you all will have the same miraculous events occur to assist your healing and indeed the healing of the whole of Oneness.

Live, Love, Laugh.

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